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05 Honda CBR1000RR Parts

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Pastamaker01, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. I have various parts for sale for a 2005 Honda CBR1000RR, see below. Pictures available on request.

    Tyres are Dunlop Sports Max (70% tread)
    Front 120/70 ZR M/C 58W
    Rear 190/55 ZR M/C 78W

    2 of Front brake calipers Tokico
    c/w Hell braided lines front and rear brake
    c/w front brake master cylinder
    c/w front brake and clutch levers race

    2 of Genuine Mirrors
    1 of front wheel hugger
    1 of rear wheel hugger
    4 of side panels
  2. Got a price for the Dunlops??
  3. make me an offer
  4. if those brake calipers will fit on an '01 929rr, i'll take the lot. no idea how to find out if they do though.
  5. i wouldn't know, i will see if I can find out
  6. i had a google - calipers are radial mount and too much messing around to do the master cylinder. thanks anyway mate.

    (unless you have a complete front end you want to sell me for some reason)
  7. All good mate, sorry I couldn't help out.
  8. Bought a tinted windscreen for my bike a few weeks ago n can vouch that all parts he has here are in perfect condition n very cheaply priced for what they are!!

    Good luck with the sales mate!! Wish i had some extra cash lying around for the Yoshi n the braided lines!! FWIW, the windscreen fit perfectly n looks good!! Post up pics of the bike when u get everything done! Sounds like its gonna look sweet :)
  9. How much for the master cylinder and any chance you could put a photo of it up?
  10. I have photos but no idea how to put them up, any idea?
  11. All good mate, I bought a brake last night. Regarding the photo's for future reference - Press the upload a file button and it should be easy enough from there (I guess, I haven't done it here)
  12. are the dunlops still for sale? if so - how much?
  13. Still got the m/c? How much?

    As for photos, i think you can insert/attach them from the forum, but it usually shrinks them to save size. I can't see from my tablet. Best way is to use an image hosting service and insert using an IMG/ code. No loss of quality. There are a few around (photobucket is what I use but there's heaps with pros and cons).

  14. sorry but the tyres are sold.
  15. Any parts left?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.