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'05 GS500 Rear Suspension

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ginji, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. My rear suspension is shot, it needs to be replaced, anyone know of any aftermarket shocks i can use to replace it? Any other suggestions?

    The local bike store is getting me prices on a OEM part, but I figure i might as well replace it with something decent...
  2. i dont know about anything in particular for the GS mate, but give MCAS a call. even if they dont have, they'll be able to tell you about it and order it in for ya. the price difference wouldnt be too much between OEM and after market though. have you tried calling around the wreckers? ive heard rear shocks are a dime a dozen since they are so rarely damaged in accos.

  3. A 05 bike with buggered rear suspension? Sounds odd to me, what's wrong with it?

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. it's on '05 that i've ridden almost 30,000km on ;)

    basically my understanding is that a seal went bust the the fluid leaked out, and thus the suspension has gone bust (and it as such has no damping what so ever now, which makes it a pretty harsh ride atm)
  5. Ahhh the old blown seal ! what no icecream involed ? :LOL: :LOL:

    30k averages out to only 15k a year, and thats not excessive by any means. thats only 1250 a month. when I was in Melb that was two weeks riding just to and from work [ not counting wend play time ] :twisted: :LOL:

    My 2000 mod VTR has almost 180k on it and im still on the original rear shock.

    Best bet would be to see if you can get yours rebuilt. Wont cost as much as a newy and they can customize it for you at the same time so you'll get more life the 2nd time around.
  6. The bike was off the road for 6 months after I crashed it... (thanks Suzuki!)

    I'm doing about 800-1000km every single week on it now, even with the dodgy shock. I'll have a chat with my mechanic to see what they think about rebuilding it, but they're suggestion has been so far to replace it.
  7. Well now we have the bigger picture :roll: i'd say it was damaged when you stacked it ....................... get a new one
  8. I would have said that the fluid would have leaked out while it was in the shop, and as such would have been noticed if it had been damaged in the crash. Besides which, the crash was (only) a slide down the road with no sudden stops, nor did the bike catch on anything. I don't think that's what caused it, and the time it was off the road was because of the time it took Suzuki to send the parts. And that accident was about 15 months ago, so i've had the bike back for the past 9 months, most of which without any rear suspension problem
  9. Well I don’t recon the shock is down to the stack. I’d try contacting Suzuki and see it they are interested in a quality clam and don’t forget to mention the 6 months off the road dew to parts not being available, also did Suzuki Australia supply you with a loan bike over this time? Ask the Suzuki person you are dealing with if they think 2 years/30,000km is as long as the bike is built for. Ask them if they think 2 years/30000km is fit for purpose or value for money?

    If you don’t ask you don’t get. But go to Suzuki Australia direct, not a dealer. You’ll just get fobbed off.

    Any how when that fails, I’d go to the wreckers. See what you can match up. I’m told the RGV back shocks are the same. Also ask what sits on gs500e.co.uk a brilliant tec site for the GS500e. Also my old GS500e used to wallow like a boat once you had it wound up, but never popped a seal.

    Good luck.
  10. hey ginji check out www.gstwin.com someone on there modified a R! rear shock for the gs, so they now have fully adjustable rear suspension to go allong with their gixxer 750 front end
  11. yep a genuwine suzuki shock will prob cost more than an ohlins ;)

    for budget replacement

    the site is a little borked atm

    ikon is koni without the royalties
  12. one option is to get it rebuilt to suit your riding style and weight.

    Also, get a cycle torque from a bike shop. there are about 3-4 mobs that advertise aftermarket shocks in there.
  13. Looks like Suzuki will be replacing the shock under warranty :D
  14. result! thats brilant news. \:D/
  15. Point score for Suzuki Australia. I've been critical of them lately, but not many others would come to the party on an item like a shock.

    How many ks did it have?
  16. 31,600km atm, about 28-29,000 when the shock went. The warranty is for 2 years/unlimited km and I still fall under the 2 years (as I bought the bike in Nov '05)

    The unit is a sealed (ie non-rebuildable) so it should have lasted a hell of a lot longer.
  17. Still it's good, because a lot of place would pull the "normal wear and tear" or "not covered under warranty" cards

    and 30,000 is not the worst on standard cheap arsed shocks.

    BTW, for those watching at home, the non-rebuildable shocks are rebuildable
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  19. Yea I was aware of that but the SV shock raises the bike by about 2.5cm, so I didn't really want to have to deal with that as well. If you remove the airbox and replace the filter with some pods you can fit pretty much what ever you want in there