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05 Days - Where to Go ??

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by beruoist, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Need your Urgent help here.My leaves for 03 days has been approved at last moment and i have 05 days in hand,starting from tomorrow till coming Tuesday.

    Suggestions for touring to awesome places are most welcome


  2. Where are you?
  3. Well your in Melb yes? either south to Tasmania, West to the GOR and then onto Adelaide's hills or just go north, following the coast and great dividing range, probably the biggest abundance of nice roads.

    EDIT: stop at big things always.
  4. Or go north from the end of the GOR up through Victoria Valley into the Grampians - then head east through the Macedon Ranges onto Broadford-Yea-Alexendra.

    Then spend whatever time is left playing in the Yarra Ranges. :)
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  5. I am located in Melbourne.

    Thanks Mate,for the quick response :)

  6. 5 days of riding, starting and finishing in Melbourne.

    Day 1 - Melbourne to Orbost
    Day 2 - Orbost to Bermagui
    Day 3 - Bermagui to Khancoban
    Day 4 - Khancoban to Bright (Tumbarumba-Granya Gap-Gundowring Rd-Tawanga gap
    Day 5 - Bright to Melbourne (Whitfield-mansfield-jamison-eildon)

    Ok, Day 1 is a tad boring.
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  7. Too early to go over the alps IMO. Still possible to get snow Friday or Monday.
    Give me five days, and I'd go south gippsland to Orbost, up the Bonang to Bombala, NSW south coast (Bega and beyond) and back again.
    If you stay off Hwy 1 it shouldn't be boring. Look for the squiggles on the map.
  8. Thats an awesome plan.I was thinking to head on the same direction.Thanks you very much.

  9. Just put some socks and your toothbrush in a bag, pick a direction and go man!
    Have an adventure...
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  10. Take the run up the Black Spur down the Reefton then out to Noojee Moe Heyfield Maffra to break up Day 1.
  11. You could circumnavigate Victoria in five days, taking in a lot of variety: alpine mountains, Murray riverina, western deserts, the Great Ocean Road....
  12. Yes it's not very big, not like a proper state.
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  13. At least it can be circumnavigated. Not like SA, which only has roads leading away from Adelaide. :p
  14. Oh that's not nice, truth is Some of my favourite road trips are in Vic, do them a lot, but don't tell anyone, ok?
  15. They're the best roads, aren't they?
  16. We make sure all Victorians know where they are.
  17. At least they won't be clogged with footy traffic this coming weekend :p
  18. 03 Days already down.Took the coastal route from Melbourne to Sydney.Thouroughly enjoyed the ride so far.Here is the day wise route which i had taken

    Day 1 - Melbourne - Bairnsdale - Lakes Entrance - Mallacoota


    Day 2 - Mallacoota - Batemans Bay - Wollongong - Sydney


    Day 3 - In and Around Sydney

    Any suggestion on the return route.I am planning to take this route in the coming 02 days,before i end the ride on Tuesday night.


  19. hume highway from sydney to canberra is terribly boring you want to avoid it at all costs. Monaro highway is pretty boring too, there are nicer roads nearbye

    I have edited your final route home to avoid as much motorway as possible, feel free to ignore it, take some of my suggestions or follow it religiously, i just like playing with googlemaps and thinking about riding!

  20. I've been planning this route (well one very similar) for some time. I'm just waiting for a few things to fall into place. Firstly I need my wife to get her confidence back. Secondly I need to convince her to take a week off work (she's casual so if she's not at work, she doesn't get paid). Thirdly, I need to be confident our teenage son won't trash our house while we are away.