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05' cbr600rr hazard switch removal

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by markwearspants, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. g'day.

    So i have posted in here a couple times over the last month or so i think i'm due to donate (can donate to netrider right??)

    having a bit of an issue getting this white hazard switch plug off so I can solder my broken headlight cable to my starter. (pretty common problem by the looks of it).

    I have no idea how to remove this plug. tried pushing down on the two black tabs, folding the white tabs out, getting a 2.5mm flat head in there to pop it out. even having trouble popping the actual outer switch out. any suggestions? pic is of the plug


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  2. Pic is not working.

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    Edit: now it's working, but I can't really make anything out...
  3. sorry its a bit fuzzy.

    so, my middle finger is resting on the hazards switch. the white part is the inside of the casing where the wires connect. the white piece is what needs to be removed. cant get it off
  4. I think the switch itself should come off, either by levering or some sort of screw, then the white part should drop out. That's just a guess though...