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05/06 Kawasaki ZX6R Exhausts

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Snowman, May 19, 2010.

  1. Which ones sound good on this bike and where can I buy them from? I'm guessing the website but is there anywhere to get them cheaper like a walk in store?

    and are slip-on pipes easy to DIY?


  2. Bike gear warehouse have a few well priced jardine slip ons for you bike. You maybe able to do it your self. Personally I wouldn't.
  3. 05/06 have the underseat exhaust?

    Well try ebay or any of the US retailers.. a lot cheaper than buying here but obviously you don't get much customer support..

    I bought my Jardine from the US and I would highly recommend it. Fitted myself too. Its not too hard. Remove tail piece, remove heat shield, loosen clamps, take off pipe, put new mid pipe on, etctec...
  4. Hey mate,

    I've got a Stainless RS-5 slippon on mine, it's not overly loud but I like the sound of it when the revs get up. I've seen some people screw out the rivits and remove the baffle aswel to give it more presence in traffic.

    It's not hard to install yourself, think it took me a couple of hours. Just take your time and read the instructions :)

    I've heard the Akra is quite good although it's the most expensive.

    Good luck
  5. Is the RS -5 much louder than stock?

    I went for a ride a few weeks ago and there was a hyo 250 that put my bike to shame sound-wise :p

    But the akras on the R1 i tried out were way loud, and the owner had to wear ear plugs haha

    thanks for the tips guys
  6. I honestly can't remember how much louder the RS-5 is from stock but it's not a great difference but you'll notice it around the 5k mark, it's kinda more of a raspier sound.

    Yeah an inline 4 will never have the sound of a twin even if it's a Hyosung 250.

    You can always remove the baffle on the RS-5 but you'll prob need a rejet.

  7. I have the akrapovic slip-on on my 06 and it sounds awesome. Can't compare it to the stock one though as it had the akra on when i bought it.
    Check out youtube for some clips of various exhaust mods
  8. There is a very big difference between the stock exhaust and an aftermarket one. My jardine on my fireblade made a world of difference to the stock. Deep burble on start. Very very loud past 6000 rpm.
  9. I have the akra carbon slash cut twin rocket launchers on my R1, and yes Snowman - I too need to wear ear plugs :)
    Picking up a Carbon Yoshi TRC Slip-On for my Gixer Thou K5 soon - not sure if that's an option/interest for your 05/06 ZX6R mate ?
  10. +1 on this for my Jardine. Any longer than a 20 minute ride = headache
  11. .....or loss of concentration, or...OOPS, there goes the right wrist again...down boy...DOWN ! ;)
  12. Well I'm pretty much broke for the next few months so I'll have to make do with a quiet can for the time being, but when I get my tax back ya'll suckas will hear me from Melbourne :p

    Cheers for the advice guys
  13. bump...

    Just ordered a Jardine RT-1 from bikegearwarehouse.com.au

    Should be here in a few weeks :D
  14. did you order the dual or single outlet? let us know how it goes
  15. i ordered the dual outlet one and it sounded absolutely demonic, if your thinking about getting one, do it.

    unfortunately i wrote off my bike last tuesday and my new pipe also got smashed up. ah such is life i guess.
  16. I had the Micron on my 06. It sounded great. Really made it scream. 600's don't have that heavy base sound so you want to enhance the scream they put out. The GP Kawasaki's have the best note in the pack, well besides the Ducati's.
    I don't recommend doing it yourself. Your EFI light will come on and stay on if you do. There is a little do babby under the seat that actuates the mixture or something. (sorry off my titts on pain killers again woo hoo)
    You could do all the fitting and then ride it down to your local to have him fix the rest and it should not cost too much.
    Highly recommend a power comander if you do though. Or your going to have a real big flat spot between 2,700rpm and 4,900. Makesthem a real pain in traffic situations