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04 Triumph Daytona 600 won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Meyerhoff, May 11, 2016.

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    Last edited: May 11, 2016
    wouldnt start at 1am after work with my girl waiting at home for me in bed. Power comes on. Fuel pump primes. Turns over but wont start. Once it starts turning the instruments do their resetting thing. I dont know if thats relevant. I also may have flooded it since i got desperate and tried repeatedly giving it throttle. Then I tried push starting it down a hill too, It sounded like it almost started but conked out. When the killswitch is engaged the instruments turn off although the instrument backlight remains on and the headlights remain on. I took the seat off (what a hassle) and tried tightening the battery connections and jiggling the cords but the screws already felt tight. After that it felt like the light was actually dimmer than before and the starter engine actually sounded a bit weaker and labored so i gave up.

    It did this once before when i first bought it after riding home in the rain. It just mysteriously started after 10 minutes of trying, but no such luck this time. I've only had it for a week.

  2. Instrument resetting suggests the battery voltage is being pulled too low while cranking.
    If you can, try jumpstarting today.
    If that works, beck voltage while running, to see if charging.
    Since new (to you) bike, new battery is not a bad idea..
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  3. managed to push start it. I have amulti meter and a cheap odb bluetooth scanner but i dont know how to use them. I've got in on a trickle charger now. Battery is a dynavolt nanogel mg12a-bs-c 12v 10Ah Ill google more about multi meter checking tomorrow. Thanks .
    >1. turn ignition on, kill switch to run.
    >2. wait for fuel pump to finish priming.
    >3. press and HOLD start button.
    >4. pull clutch lever. motor will spin, maybe cough but not start.
    >5. turn off key and count to 10.
    >6. repeat 1-4. motor will spark to life, then die.
    >7. repeat 1-4 again. motor will start and stay running.
    >8. gear up and ride.

    >Been starting my bike like this for 16 years. Never been able to figure out why, or what to change to make it start normally. Annoying sometimes but it works.

    This worked for me. Who knows how long it will stay working.
  5. if your battery is dropping too low during cranking (ie not enough CCA capacity left), and the dash is RESETTING.. your ECU may also switch off, and the injectors may not get enough voltage to open properly....

    fwiw, those dynavolt "nano gel" batteries don't seem to have great reviews.. cheap chinese battery.

    perhaps splash out on a Katana, or if feeling flush, a Yuasa.. and your problems may go away.

    or.. put multimeter on the battery terminals, and watch what happens to the battery voltage during cranking. I'd be guessing it's dropping
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