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04 speed triple comments please??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by greaser, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Im in the market for a new ride,had my cbr 954 stolen a few weeks ago and looking at getting the same bike again,kaw zx10,z750(had a z before great bike)or a trumpy for something different.just wonder if thrers any issues with theese machines?they also prob have more low end torque than the peaky sportsbikes..cheers in advance

  2. Budget?
  3. around 7 grand...
  4. no info????](*,)](*,)
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  6. They're generally quite robust, but issues are not unheard of and you'd have to take into account how it's been ridden and kept, given the year. That vintage can have some electrics issues, but again, they're mostly known.

    Search for the "sprag clutch" issue in particular.

    Also keep in mind with it being such a buyer's market and now into the post-Xmas expenses period, that 2005+ models with the 1050 motor were a signifigant and worthy upgrade.
  7. I agree with Wayned, stretch to a 2005 + model ($8k ish ).

    The 1050 is a killer and almost bulletproof.

    And bear in mind that its the same frame and same engine as the current model (2010)
    , as the years went by they only tweaked bits .

    Even the 2011 model although new frame, has the same base engine again tweaked some more thats gotta tell you something about the original design of the 1050.

    also check out http://www.triumphrat.net/speed-triple-forum/ for some hands on info from heaps of owners...

    NOTE: yes, I own one... 2008 1050.
  8. The niggling electrical issues were mostly over and done with by about 2001. I note mostly because there may be the odd one after that. The post 2001 bikes are more sorted in most regards. The engine is arranged differently, although most of the components are the same. I believe the sprag clutch issue didn't carry through. They went to the trouble of relocating it for easier access, but the reported failures stopped after that.

    This model is a fair bit lighter than pre 2001 models and the suspension is better sorted.

    Resale can be a problem with Triumphs. It means you get a good bike for your money when you buy, but you don't win in the end.

    The only real criticism is they are de-tuned from the 'tona. The 'tona grunts off the bottom AND has the top end, so people wonder why they bothered de-tuning the motor for the S3.

    In short if you are considering it, go for it.
  9. As with many bikes (Aprilia, KTM), the sprag clutch issue can be attributed to people trying to start the bikes with weak or discharged batteries. If not ridden frequently it should be on a trickle charger and the battery replaced when showing signs of age. Was better post-2001 anyway.

    1050 is a noticeably better bike but they jump up a bit in price that's for sure. the 955 is still satisfying to ride. K's is not really an issue with them except for pre-2001 models (valve seats).

    I have to disagree with ibast this time about the tune of the motor.
    I think the S3 slays the 955 'tona bottom end (but gets spat out top end). They feel very different to me. (edit: now that I think about it, this was only apparent to me after fitting the aftermarket pipe).
  10. There was talk that it was possibly in part a batch issue with the sprag clutches, as in a whole lot of them being either out of spec or just a design issue. But some bikes seem better known for it, including the S3. I know personally of two, including a 1050 model that did theirs in the last 18 months or so.

    But a great many have been sold with no issues, so do the homework on the known stuff, the models, and the bike you look at.

    You might also consider the the revised Daytona 955 from about 2000 on. The spec was tops and there was a solid lift in power. They make a great naked by taking the panels off, which essentially gives you a quite up-specced Speedy, which probably grunts a bit less off the bottom but much harder as it builds.

    1050 S3 prices do jump some over the earlier bikes, but I wouldn't be surprised if with a bit of patience and waving of cash you might score one at or a little above your current budget. Once the heavily revised 2011 model arrives there might well be a ripple back through the used prices as all the models become a generation and a year older.
  11. Have you seen the headlights? Dunno about that ripple back ;)
  12. There might be a rush on the current model that bumps prices up a bit for a while.

    But the new one is a better bike, so people should come around. A lot of people didn't like the first twin-lighted S3. Some still don't.