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04-05 R6 or 05-06 ZX6R(636)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ZR, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys and gals,

    I'm having a hard time deciding between these 2 bikes :?:
    Can I get your thoughts/opinions regarding these bikes?
    Havent really got the chance to test ride any of these yet as there is
    not many on the market.

    Cheers :)
  2. Can't comment on a comparison, but i have taken the 03 R6 out for a spin (I believe the model didn't change for 04) and here is what I had to say on the subject


    I am almost entirely convinced the tip in issues I had were more about the tires than anything else. and over all I enjoyed the bike, and thought it was a very neat package.
  3. Thanks F-L & P.P :)
    I think I'm more leaning toward the 636 :LOL:
  4. I still havn't had the chance to get on a 636, my personal view is that bikes with good torque off the line are the better option, the 03/04 R6 has this, but I believe so do the 636's. So i wouldn't personaly disuade you from that view.
    If/When you get one post a review :grin:
  5. the zx6r is a better bike mate. Its the package of a good road bike and the torque shits on all other 600s. Do a research and you will find that the 05-06 is still the best zx6r around.

    Perhaps this wont help but i had a drag with a few r6s now and ive left them for dust.
  6. Bear in mind though that the fact that the ZX6R is over 599cc in capacity could mean extra in registration and insurance costs.

    Either way though, you can't go wrong with either of these bikes - they're both as sexy as hell to look at, and their performance capabilities are truly beyond the realms of most of us mere mortals, whch is guaranteed to leave a massive grin on your face after a ride.

    If you can, try and test ride both and then pick the one that feels right for you, but I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.


    "All I want for christmas is a 600...."
  7. Ya, the difference between 599 and 636cc in nsw is SFA, if any - as its based primarily on 3 classifications; under 100cc, under 300cc or over 300cc.
  8. I must be living in the wrong state then!

    Here in SA rego classes have only just been reviewed to take into account the introduction of LAMS here.

    I've been told that previously there was a rego class from 250cc to 599cc, with fees rising significantly for the next class, namely 600cc to 750cc. Don't quote me on this though.

    Apparently the new rego category goes from 251cc to 660cc or thereabouts, which makes it a lot more equitable.

    What about insurance? Is there much difference between the premium for a 599cc and a 636cc?


    "All I want for christmas is a 600...."
  9. ZX6R, any day! 6-THIRTY-SIX.
  10. How do these bikes compare in terms of handling?

    I've heard reports that the ZX6R can be rather twitchy and would benefit from the addition of a steering dampener???

    Although, maybe it's just a case of getting on the gas too early and taking advantage of the extra 36cc too early when exiting corners???


    "All I want for christmas is a 600...."
  11. the 03-04 zx6rs were twitchy but the fixed that in the 05-06 so it now handles even better. its more neutral when going into corners and feels like its on rails but i hear the r6 are really nimble but not as stable.

    both bikes imo are great bikes but the 05 zx6r is a better bike overall. The zx6r won sport bikes of the year in 05
  12. Good point GForce!

    I've yet to ride either of these bikes, but after doing a bit of research there seems to be nothing but positive reviews on the 2005 ZX6R, whereas there are more mixed reviews on the 2004/2005 Yammy R6.

    Ah, decisions, decisions!

    My ideal supersport would look something like this:

    - The horn looks of the Daytona 675
    - The precise steering and handling of the Honda CBR600RR
    - The flexible grunt of the Kawasaki ZX6R (636 engine)
    - The airbox growl of the Suzuki GSXR 600
    - The top end hit of the Yamaha R6

    Why can't I have them all?!


    "There was no 600 under the christmas tree for me this year.... Santa is a sadistic pr*ck!"
  13. You can. It's called a Daytona 675. ;)

    In stock form, it lapped faster than the new CBR600RR in the Masterbike, with most riders split between the 675 and the CBR600RR for steering/handling, with the ultimate nod going to the 675 'cos it was able to get around the track quicker.

    The 675's mid-range grunt makes the 636 feel positively gutless in comparison.

    The 675's air-box growl sends shivers down your spine. It is a loud, edgy, rasping, rorty, snarling note. I've ridden a few of the 600 I4's, but f*ck me if the 675's air-box note isn't one of the most delectable aural pleasures for motorheads on the planet.

    A "top end hit" only exists on the R6 'cos the mid-range is so weak that it's like a two-stroke. When the power comes in, you really notice it. The 675 doesn't really have a top-end hit like an R6, but that's only 'cos it's mid-range is so fat that when you're in the top-end it just feels like an extension of the mid-range. It does pick up noticably beyond 7000rpm though, and it's putting out around the same power as an R6 up top. When you sing it past 10,000rpm, it may not feel like you got there in a hurry 'cos it's so smooth in how it gets you there, but man that scenery is looking rather blurry... :grin:
  14. I haven't actually ridden a 675 but after hooting around the countryside a bit with Flux, the 675 Daytona would have to be the bike of choice for spirited road riding. It just seems to do everything so easy. Grunts out of the corners without shuffling through the gearbox & continues to wind out near as quick as a litre bike. Up to crazy fast speed anyway :LOL: :LOL: Sounds magic as well.
  15. Thanks for that Flux!

    I'm a fussy bastard when it comes to bikes. For some reason I seem to find a flaw in the stock appearance of just about any modern sportsbike, but when I first laid eyes on a 675 it was truly love at first sight. Oh, and also the new Ducati 848 and 1098S, but that's another story....

    I'm hoping to upgrade within the next 6 months from my current ZZR to a little "s" supersport, and to be perfectly honest with you, the 675 would be my first choice hands-down.

    The only problem that I have is that even a second hand one is currently out of my price range!

    Guess I'd better stock up on those lottery tickets, eh?


    "There wasn't a 600 under the christmas tree for me this year.... Santa is a sadistic pr*ck!"
  16. #17 [FLUX], Dec 27, 2007
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    Here's a decent representation of the airbox sound from the 675:


    From my own experience on the 675, pretty much all the noise that you can hear in that video is airbox noise. Some of the deeper notes would be the exhaust, but overall this is a fairly good indication of the air-box note of the 675 as a rider on the bike would hear it. Hard to really record it with a microphone though, it sounds even more rorty and edgy when your head is above the tank, and the whistling sucking induction whine is a little more noticeable.

    The rider has some pretty odd clutch work going on there though. He may have a slipper clutch fitted and is just dumping the clutch when downshifting giving that weird revving on the downshifts. When I blip and downshift it sounds way better as the engine runs down through the revs.
  17. Flux, stop it, you're tormenting me!!!

    Have you ever experienced that weird sensation when you know you dearly desire something and you just can't have it?

    I think it's called envy, or even jealousy....


    "There was no 600 under the christmas tree for me this year.... Santa is a sadistic pr*ck!"
  18. If we are talking sound, I still prefer inline 4 cyl. and that comment comes after watching that youtube link.
  19. I personally prefer the sound of either.

    A triple, V-twin or an I4 sounds far better than the sound of an overworked lawnmower, aka a ZZR 250!


    "There wasn't a 600 under the christmas tree for me this year....Santa is a sadistic pr*ck!"