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03 z1000

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Whitie, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. After 2 learner bikes (GS500 & CB400) and selling my wonderful Viffer :( I now have this Kwaka.. =D>

    I've had it for 3 days and changed the gay bars and grips it came with for some Rizoma stuff.. The pillion seat cowl is a slightly different colour cause its never seen sunlight, but ill get that colour matched. For now I just leave the pillion seat on.. Rizoma mirrors, leavers and a tidy tail etc will come after the bank balance recovers..

    The 2Bros pipes are very loud ! (I like it)

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  2. vera narce-a :LOL:
  3. Very nice. Pipes look the goods too.
  4. Nice one Whitie, love the orange ones. What made you want a change from the VFR to the Z?

    I have these on my (long) list of maybe bikes if I sell the VFR, you'll have to let us know how it goes once you've had a few runs.
  5. If you ever feel like ditching the stock mirrors. I can recommend CRG Arrow bar end mirrors. Way better vision and the build quality I can't fault.

    Nice Zed.
  6. you got good taste in bikes, the viffer looked good so does the kwaka, congrats
  7. Hey Four40.. Long time no see/hear...Cheers

    Seedy : I spent 18 months and 49000k in the same seating position, time for a changeand some financial reasons. Also Id never take the VFR onto a track, But I sure as hell would the Z. :) I did a few hundred ks today and I can guarantee that the Z isnt anywhere near as comfey on the bum as a Viffer. haha but an AirHawk will fix that for the longer days in the saddle.

    BennyV : The Rizoma bars and riser combo made the stock mirror visability 50x better.. I posted up in Bling and Appearance the link to Rizoma's catalogue, there are some very nice pieces of gear. Ill be looking into CRG as well.

    Goddie : Thanks mate,
  8. Whitie...this bike is Nicie! :p

    Congrats on the purchase.

  9. Fair enough, change is as good as a holiday. I'll be watching for anything you post about it coz it's definitely high up on my list at the moment. I have gotten over my bloodrush to get a SuperSport.

    If you put on a few kgs your arse will get flabbier and cushion your ride much better. Put that Airhawk money towards more beer and pizza.