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03 vtr250... where is the crankcase breather????

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by parko, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Ummmm, I'm new to this DIY stuff on bikes and was going well until I hit this sticking point! According to the manual that came with the bike I'm meant to inspect the crankcase breather. I know that the inspection warrants I simply make sure it's drained, but you see.... I can't find the $#%$ thing!!!! I've got a service manual (kindly supplied by jbot) and searching it from cover to cover I can find no reference to the crankcase breather! WTF? Any ideas anyone :?: :?: :?:

  2. Hey dude, don't stress over the crankcase breather, unless you're using a lot of oil it's *probably* working fine. Never checked it on my vtr, haven't even looked for it. But if you were to look for it you want to find a tube running from the crankcase back up into the inlect tract somewhere. It's there so that if pressure builds up in the crankcase (hot gases that made it past the rings for example) it can be vented back into the inlet and burnt in the engine (rather than just vented directly out, for enviro reasons).
  3. Ummmm, ok. shan't stress about it then! :grin: Thx Jbot!
  4. I don't know the bike specifically, but the crankcase breather is generally a hose that goes from the crankcase or head to the airbox. There will be another from the airbox to a low point on the bike (drian).

    all you are doing is making sure the connections are good and the hose are not cracked or blocked.

    An air leek back through the crankcase can sometimes upset how the engine performs and exaggerate other problems.