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03' Honda VTR 250 Repairs

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by LucasRedRider, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys, gals and mans best friend,
    just curious if anyone could throw some tips my way...
    i recently picked up a pre-owned 2003 Honda VTR 250, we replaced the fuel with premium 98, replaced the oil with Castrol ACTIV 4T 15W-50 for motorcycles, replaced the spark plugs with brand new NGK spark plugs (CR8EH-9) externally cheked the spark both are good quality blue. tried to start the bike with my mates battery as the one we got with it is dead as a door nail. its firing, theres fuel going through the lines but its not igniting and catching... is there anything else i can do before hnding it into the honda dealership for expensive repairs??

  2. If you have a compression gauge, check the compression.
  3. It's a carburetted bike, run it on 91. It'll be a bugger to start on 98.

    Are the plugs getting wet?
  4. no doesnt have a compression guage and the plugs are getting wet :/ really want to get back on the roads again
  5. Cant give much help other than to say why expensive Honda dealers, streetmasterstreetmaster would be close to you and a hell of a lot cheaper
  6. Make sure the carbs are actually full of petrol? (Does the VTR have a prime setting on the fuel tap?)
  7. No, and given the plugs are wet we assume the vacuum petrol tap thingy is working.

    Does aerostart still exist? We used to use that on the farm :)
  8. i'd take out both plugs and clean contacts, drain the carbs and turn the petcock to off (not sure if it has a tap)
    leave it overnight for any excess fuel to evaporate, next morning hook up the battery, reset the carbs pilot screws (again not sure) and replace the plugs, turn on the petcock and make sure everything (killswitch, kickstand etc) is ready. I had a similar problem, and it turned out to be the cylinders were getting flooded.
  9. What do you mean it's firing? U mean turning over???