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03 GSXR750 start up issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by LittleRed, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. So today I was relaxing on the couch and got a facebook message from a friend with a video attached, he asked if I knew what was up with his bike. Sadly, no I don't.. so maybe all you bike savvy people at netrider can help!

    Story goes, my friends mate put some different fuel in, it would run but not idle.. so he flushed the tank and put injector cleaner in and some new fuel but still, it won't idle. Any help would be great.

    His bike is a '03 GSXR750.
  2. What fuel did he put in it? Not e85 I hope!
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  3. What fuel did he put in it? Not e85 I hope!
  4. 1st thing, check the plugs. does it have carbs?
  5. No carbs mate , it's efi!
    Efi started back in 97/98 on the gsxr's!
  6. Waiting for him to reply on Facebook.. here's a photo of his bike anyway.

  7. Great bike by the way. .
    But I think there will be more to it then trying different fuel.!

    I've had all fuel in mine ranging from 91-100 octane and it idles and runs normal in every case .
  8. Put it in to Dealer mode and see if the Dash displays any error codes. You need a paperclip to short out a plug to force it into dealer mode.

  9. Paper clip? That will probably be special tool GSXFKD12345 available for $350 from Peter Stevens.
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  10. GreyBMGreyBM PS is out of stock but Officeworks has a few left
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