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03 cbr600rr black smoke, massive fuel consumption

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by merlinn, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys and Girls,

    Recently bought an 03 CBR600RR and all seemed to be fine until it recently started idling a little rough when cold, nothing major but had me a little worried. Tonight after work I noticed a fair bit of black smoke when giving it a few blips whilst putting my gear on, during the ride home this turned into huge amounts of black smoke whenever I opened her up! Fuel consumption is also through the roof, about 130 kms for a tank!

    Any ideas? I have pulled the air filter out to have a look and noticed a few things, there is small crack in the air box lid where it screws to the main box, nothing major though. Also where the airfilter screws into the main box one of the screws has has been sheared off basically allowing air to be sucked straight into the throttle bodies without having to go through the filter. Would this cause the bike to run rich?

    Any advice would be much appreciated
  2. Umm... get to a mechanic? :?
  3. cant remember which one is which

    black smoke is running rich?
    grey smoke is burning oil

    plug the hole n see what happens
  4. Black smoke = running rich.
  5. lol i assure you.

    If you cant figure out whats wrong u cant fix it,
    and to fix this ur guna have to start taking the engine apart so take it to a mechanic
  6. Yep but do try to fill the hole. It can do wacky things, especially if the leaky air bypasses air flow meters etc. (tbh didn't pay attention as to whether it carby of EFI :LOL: but still it can screw things around).

    But you'd have to be pretty lucky if that fixes it - likely have to take it to a mech as people said.
  7. Does your bike have a manual choke or is it EFI ?

    Is the choke on ?

    Are the intakes into the airbox blocked ?

    If the bike runs EFI, could be the ECU, but you didn't want to hear that....= mechanic & proper testing / replacement

    Others have already said it....black or sooty smoke = rich

    definition of rich = too much fuel / not enough air
  8. Maybe a vacuum hose popped off or something.
  9. Yeah, she is definately injected and running rich, have checked all the hoses, wiring etc, checked the MAP sensor with multi meter, still at a loss as to what the hell it is. Took it for a run tonight and it seems to be a lot better, but still getting it looked at tomorrow. Thanks for your advice everyone will let you know what the mechanic says :?
  10. good move
  11. could it be a fulty coil pack not sparking one of the cylinders there unburnt fuel?