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03-04 600rr seat height vs 05-06 600rr?any difference?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Awebley, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone, im looking for someone with first hand experience that has been able to compare these two models in their seat height/seating position. both on paper are 820mm..?

    I am aware of the changes between the two models (radial brakes, USD forks, subframe revised, 4-5kg lighter, fairing changes etc.)

    When sitting on the 03-04 the seat height is ok but i found the side plastics under the seat stuck out and pushed on my legs so i couldnt get quite flat foot :(. I havnt been able to find an 05-06 at the dealers here in Vic atm, if i could, i wouldnt have this question!
    In pictures i noticed that the side plastic panels under the seat on the 05-06 are different and looks to be cut-out more. maybe this will help the seating feel?

    I also felt the 04mdl tank was really long and stretched out compared to my r6 , 07 model 600rr and the new gsxrs. is it the same feel for the 05-06 600rr?

    any help appreciated :)

  2. Hi Awebley,

    I personally haven't noticed any difference in the seating position or seat height between these two models.

    However, I have to profess that I don't own either of these bikes, but I have had the pleasure of sitting on a mate's 2003 CBR 600RR and a 2005/2006 CBR 600RR when I was looking at purchasing one for an upgrade.

    Please bear in mind though that the suspension on these bikes is adjustable, so it's possible that the seat height etc. could be adjusted to suit your preferences.

    Hope this helps!


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  3. I think that the seat cowl on the 05-06 is a bit wider than on the 03-04, not by much. I'm only saying that 'cause I've noticed that the little vents on the sides are narrower on mine ('03) as is the whole tail piece. But the difference is very small...
  4. Thanks for the replies :)

    mr Ed - when you say seat cowl seems wider on the 05-06 are you talking about the rear pillion seat or the rider's seat?
  5. You should be able to get a lowering link for the cbr if u have trouble with the stock height.

    I've just had a fully adjustable link fitted to the 07 cbr.
  6. 07 all the way. They are the sex and are apparently really nice to ride. i sat on one in the shop and it was piss easy to flat foot and was generally more comfortable than most sports bikes ive sat on, being slightly more upright with room on the seet to tuck under the front cowl.

    I cant tell you anything about the older models though, because im still an L plater and just went sitting on some bikes in the store because i could. But the 07 was definately more upright and comfortable than my CBR250RR and was also really easy to flat foot and im a smidge under 6 foot.
  7. I mean the piece of fairing that actually forms the tail (duck tail). The seat itself I don't know. I've sat on a 07 and it felt lower than mine, but it could've been just different suspension settings.
  8. Ahh yes. the 07's are awesome! but im about 2.5k short on cash atm :(.
    feel really good sitting on one. they are definately smaller than the 03-06mdls. On the other head, the gsxr k6-k7 is a fraction smaller than the 07 RR.

    thanks for your help everyone :)