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02 R1 vs 04 CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 12ARX, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. G'Day all... Looking to upgrade and keep coming back to these two.. similar price and condition but still unsure? R1 wins in looks in my books , Honda has the build quality and reliabilty factor.. Any actual experince on either of these would be sweet. (did a search and could not find anything on the R1) Will be a weekend toy with the odd commute to work on nice sunny days :cool:

  2. Won't go wrong with either. The 02 R1's were the first of the fuel injection motors, but the bore and stroke were the same from '98-'03, which means it has stomping amounts of mid-range, and the fuel injection was reported to be pretty well sorted from the get-go.

    As a part-time commuter, weekend fun bike, the '02 R1 is both comfortable, grunty, and judging by my '00's motor (same motor, just carbs instead of FI) bullet-proof.

    The '04 CBR1000RR is also all of the above, but the seat is less comfortable.
  3. Cheers guys... yeah i've read just about every review on both, just wanted real life data from enthusiasts in aussie conditions.. I am only 170cm tall so height is an issue on both :LOL:
  4. your lucky im 2" shorter
    i blame it on being asian
  5. Heheheh,

    Im 198cm, and its hard to find a comfortable bike
  6. In two years time the R1 will be 7-8 years old. I wouldn't want to own one of those that old myself.

    Blade wins easily in my book. Even 10 years old it will be a good bike and it's got 2 years up it's sleeve to start with.
  7. I'm smack on 200cm, and that's slouching! :LOL: I am about to get a ninja, but it felt great. Kawasaki seem to cater a bit more for the giraffes of the riding world.