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VIC 02 R1 stolen 28/12/2010 custom white and black

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Love my R1, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hey peeps

    Someone decided it was a good idea to steal my beloved R1. I loved this bike more than I can possibly say. I spent hours and hours not to mention $$$$$ customising it. It is very rare as you can tell by the picture. It had custom white fairings, a scorpion shorty can, black shorty leavers.

    I know its a long shot but if anyone happens to recognise it at a track or anywhere please please drop me a line. 0414492436


    Ride safe

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  2. Might help a bit to say what town / state your from....
  3. ditto, it's not much point telling us where to look for it if we don't know where you are....

    Oh, and welcome to Netrider, I'm sure you're going to be here for a long while......

  4. or not
  5. Nice looking bike, should be easy to spot if we know where to look...
    Never nice to read posts in this thread.
  6. I know this guy and the bike was stolen in East Brunswick, Victoria from an underground car park.
  7. With an ass end like that shouldn't be hard to spot.

    I think he was being facetious.
  8. thanks guys

    Bike was stolen from east brunswick in Melbourne but to be honest it could be in any state by now.
  9. Thanks mate. Enjoy the track tomorrow.
  10. insurance?
  11. Mate, your bike has been stripped and sold, check ebay for R1 parts, I doubt it's at the track. I wish you luck in finding and hurting the people responsible.
  12. Bad luck man! Hope you find it. If you find the bike just tie them up and drag them down the road for a bit.
  13. Love my R1 -

    Note sure if they did it back in '02 - but I know that now-a-days, every Yamaha leaving the dealership is micro-dotted (I know mine is!) - was yours?
  14. No insurance if afraid. I thought my third party insurance covered theft. Apparently not. Wont make that mistake again.
  15. don't know if it was micro dotted I got it second hand In fact I don't know what micro dotting is???
  16. All good, I just got approved finance for an 08 R1 so that will take my mind off the old one. Better get insurance this time and a massive lock and some kind of electric shock security system that zaps anyone who even looks at the bike wrong.
  17. Firstly - 'grats on the insurance and the finance for the new ride! Sweeeet!

    Micro dotting is also know as DNA Data Dots.

    Basically they spray the bike [or car, boat, whatever] with hundred and thousands of tiny microdots which are virtually impossible to find all of and remove. It helps to identify stolen parts if they chop the bike [etc] for parts and assists the police and insurance investigators to trace things back.

    Article HERE gives a better written explanation - with pics! (y)
    According to the article, Yamaha have been doing this since Feb '07 in Australia, so your new Yamaha - being an '08 should have it and come with a little credit card sized PIN REGISTRATION CARD...

    Be worth making sure you take your NEW ride to a Yamaha dealer and ensuring that the details on the bike are changed to show you as the new owner...

    I also know you get an insurance discount for having them on your bike!