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02-03 R1 power output question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by eb six on boost, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. hi, ive recently got an 02-03 r1 which has powercommander pcIII, yoshi slip on and bmc race filter.
    the bike came with a dyno sheet with 130rwhp, 70ft-lbs torque, and which was tunned by parramatta kawasaki.
    bike has 30thou ks.

    just wondering if the power levels are low for the mods done or about what
    i should expect???

  2. Standard is 121hp and 68nm - http://www.bikez.com/motorcycles/yamaha_yzf-r6_2003.php

    Seems to be a well modded bike to get that at the rear wheel :cool:
  3. you posted figures for an r6????? i gather mine is pretty low on power if a std r6 puts out 121hp??
  4. Me bad then, well the footy is on and the beers are flowing :oops:

    Anyway, yep, R1 puts out 150hp at the crank - sounds like a fair bit to drop at the rear wheel though

  5. lol maybe they loaded the economy map.

    doesnt the r1 of that year have RAM air intake. Woudnt that effect the Dyno Readout.
  6. There is a big difference between crank horsepower and rear wheel horsepower. Typically as big as 20% or so! First of all you have a lot of friction to beat in the gearbox, chain, and rear wheel. You also have a lot of inertia to spool up against, which really whacks your dyno numbers down. Thirdly you lose the ram-air effect on a dyno. And don't forget that different dynos don't produce exactly comparable numbers.

    With that sort of numbers *at the back wheel* your bike should be flying, you're probably making around 160 *crank* horsepower. Sounds about right for your stage 1 kit.
  7. thanks for the info guys, puts my mind at rest anyway.
    hope to get it retunned in the coming months with my new twin pipes and then hit the drag strip.
  8. Found this for ya

    yzf1000 R1,05 w/ stock exup, slipons, Factory Pro V stacks. 3 samples tested ~145-147 True HP
    yzf1000 R1,05 w/ stock exup, slipons, Stock V stacks. 4 samples tested ~140-144 True HP


    But as hotcam says different dynos, but an interesting read anyway