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02/03/2012 cnr of Blackburn rd and Normanby rd

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Bosi72, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Just passed that intersection and saw black motorcycle (I think Yamaha) on the footpath heavily damaged without rear wheel. Very ugly scene makes me thinking of selling the bike and never riding again.

    Also this is not the first time accident happening on this intersection, and I believe this is due to lack of red arrow on traffic light. I will write this to Vicroads so all riders beware of that intersection !

    Here is the link for the accident occurred in June last year, however I think there were more of them.

    I hope the rider is alive !
  2. If you see a car crash, will you never drive a car again either,
  3. Next time you ride make sure you're covered head to toe in bubble wrap so that you're invincible.

  4. It was Yamaha R1 vs Lexus IS.

    The rider appeared to be banged up pretty badly. I didn't stop as there were many drivers by the rider. The young Asian couple from IS looked shaken up by this. Looking at damage on the windscreen of the car, the rider might have done that with his head. :eek:

    Apparently, the rider was taken to a hospital alive.

    I turn at the intersection frequently. I see lots of uni and international students driving around there.
  5. Thanks mate for the info and spot on for international students and high volume of P platers. I wish the rider quick recovery.
  6. witnessing something like that does have a sickenning impact on you, even physical in nature.
    you can be snatched of the road at any time. you don't think about it, because you can't.
    but when you see it happen to another rider, it is very confronting.
    the op's response is a normal one and he does need time to come to terms with what he saw. so don't belittle him.

    (only qouted you to make a point Maetrik, nothing personal)
  7. I work on Normanby road. There is a lack of turn right arrow for people turning onto Blackburn from Normanby (heading east) and considering the high traffic flow through there, I was quiet surprised that there wasn't one. It doesn't help either that you have to give way to pedestrians half way through the turn (so stuck in the middle of the intersection) and drivers coming up the hill in the opposite direction may not see what's ahead.
  8. I understand that, i saw a bloke on a bike killed when i was 16 and that was confronting. But as deadman said, if we all freaked everytime we saw an accident, no one would drive or ride. I guess his comments just remind me of people who see something gruesome or are involved in a bad accident, stop riding and then become very anti-motorcycle. Not saying the OP was acting this way but so many do.

    Everyone knows the risk, it should come as no surprise that often road users come unstuck whether it be a fault of their own or not.