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01 vt750 starting/electrical issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rhys84au, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Hi all, i have an 01 shadow with 105,000 on the clock... serviced regularly (every 5k.. previous owner was bike mech as well that was fussy)

    Now i have an issue when firing it up, in neutral hitting the starter and sometimes it will fire perfectly fine, others it wont start at all.. it sounds like the starter turns over for a split second and stops or nothing at all. sometimes it seems like a ever so slight move of the throttle while hitting the starter will get it up other times it makes no diff. (headlight dims/goes out when i hit the button as per norm)

    second problem iam unsure if related or not but iam guessing so.. i bump started to get home from work the other night.. bike was running fine cruising along the motorway home then suddenly the headlight clicked out. (10:30pm not a cool thing to happen)

    it came back on about 5 seconds later but then approx 1km further down the road the bike literally died it sounded like the motor was still running but no power.... i was sitting on about 120kmph and i realised the engine was winding down.. a pull on the throttle and nothing.. i began to pull over to the side of the motorway when it sounded like the motor finally died.

    electrics were all working.. headlight went out again and came back on after randomly flicking switches ect while testing everything.

    click of the starter... nothing... zip.. this is when the cursing began. i began pushing the bike and randomly pushing the starter here and there in hopes it would kick up... after about a k push it fired and got me home with no further issues (about ten more mins)

    iam going to duck to supercheap in the morning and grab a multimeter to check battery voltage.. so ill come back with the readings for that tommorow.

    any clues/suggestions/previous encounters of the problem?
  2. Battery around the 13v mark
  3. I would start with a battery check and undo and clean all major electrical connections including earth wires.
  4. My guess is the start push button, not positive with your model but in lots of models it has two sets of contacts. One set disconnects the headlight when cranking the other set connects power to the starter solenoid to crank the engine.

    You may need to clean the contacts in this switch.
  5. yep thats next on list. put battery on charge to make sure thats fully charged, i fired up the bike by shorting the starter solenoid/relay whatever and it fired fine every time.

    i didnt mention in the op that a few times when the bike died the starter would turn over when the button was pushed but it wouldnt fire, almost like there was no fuel.

    so, ill be pulling switches apart over next cpl of days and iam running it atm draining the line so i can pull the fuel filter ect and inspect that without fuel going everywhere.

    see what happens.
  6. I'm pretty sure we've seen questions about similar behaviour with Hondas before and it was the right-hand switch block. Needs to be dismantled/cleaned/lubed.