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01 or 02 - 03 Fireblade....... nah I'll go the Blackbird!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by browny, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. G'day All,

    I've been thinking hard on getting a blackbird.... but a part of me thinks I'd prefer something a bit smaller , but is still comfortable for sports touring as well as being flickable in the tight stuff..
    and they are cheaper
    Questions for all the netriders....

    Are they comfortable?
    Any known probs on these models??
    does anyone have one who could shed some insight?
    what are they like on fuel.

    I've found an 01 model... which looks good on the net, it has 25 thou k's and rego till October next year. he is asking $8990???

    I commute and do a lot of riding around the putty, old pac, etc,etc. and occasional big rides of 1200k + over a weekend

    everyones opinion is welcome
  2. Browny, have a look in the reviews section of MCN. 2000-2001 are 'blades to avoid from memory (first with injection?).
  3. sweet thanks Yak.

    It says they are a bit thirsty. 02 0r 03 I don't mind...

    MCn says the 99's are 5 out of 5 as well.... but maybe a bit old me thinks :wink:
  4. I have an '01 929RR. Great bike, can tour on (wrists get a bit of pressure but not too bad) and generally fairly comfy for a big sports bike.I'm 6'1" and 100kg and its a good fit.

    Never had an issue with the bike or EFI. There can be a bit of 'snatch' at low revs in first which seems related to fueling but nothing that upsets me too much. I paid 9k 2 years ago with 40k on it and it was mint but high K's -- previous owner was an old-boy who used it for grey nomad touring :)

    You do need to be firm with it to push into corners and also if you're a bit keen on the throttle on the exit she can give a headshake coming out so if you 'press on' with your riding then a steering damper is a good idea. Flickable is probably not a word you can apply if you're coming from a 250 or a sports 600. I have to be pretty physical with the bike to hold with smaller capacity sports bike through tight twisties.

    Its a very capable bike but it is definitely not an R1 beater. If it's your first
    large capacity bike then you could do a lot worse. If you're more sports touring than sports focused then its a very good option as its comfortable for a sports bike and its a Honda - reliable. However they also can be abused so check for any evidence of stunting.

    It is thirsty but I've never been arsed to calculate what mileage I get - I don't ride it for economy reasons :)

    hmmm... other than that .... check out www.fireblades.org - there are specific forums for the 929 or 954. As being the blades to avoid ... I don't think so ....I think TwoWheels mag described the '01 as the pick of the blades :? Anyway opinions are subjective.... personally I never considered it a bad purchase and have loved riding the bike (it was my first liter bike and I upgraded from a KTM supermotard).

    Hope that helps and good luck!
  5. Sloth, no doubt they're great bikes in their own right...just quoting MCN, and they might have lumped the '01 in with the '00.

    Yeah, but even older examples of any given bike from your list, in good condition, be it a 'bird, 'blade, viffer, 'storm, whatever, will still be a decent upgrade from the GPX. If you could find something cheap with un-shagged suspension you'd be laughing.
  6. Still shopping, huh?! Let me just bring you some more trouble then! :LOL:

    COMFY they say. :cool:

    Cheap AND close to home! :grin:

    And if you don't mind cleaning those wheels...

    Ok, so once again I'm disrupting the thread. Dam! I really should stop doing that, huh?! :LOL:

    Ps: and that's tradingpost only! I'm sure there are others out there looking for a home, preferably in the Eastern Suburbs! :wink: Oh! And did I mention 274km/h top speed? :shock:
  7. And the master procratinator award for 2007 goes to...........Browny! :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Give the man some space Tweet! Cant wait to see the result! I hear thoose Korean bikes are great. :LOL: :LOL:
  9. :? :?
  10. apples and oranges mate.
    wanna ride hard, fast, on edge, working for every corner and being rewarded accordingly with the best honda can offer? 'blade

    wanna ride hard, fast, yet sedate and comfortable, with a pretty good setup, only losing out on sheer adrenalin? 'bird
  11. :LOL: Unfortunately, Browny won't be here to accept the award until 3011 :rofl:
  12. Here Here :LOL: :LOL:
  13. $3.00 is not going to get your adrenelin pumping??? i'm not sure but do the blades out of the box hit $3.00.... i know when the bird was released the blades werenot even close..
    altho i have been on the 98 rr and it was a fun hour of riding...
  14. Re: 01 or 02 - 03 Fireblade

    Brrrooowwwny...........................the hornet 9 is calling you!!!
  15. Re: 01 or 02 - 03 Fireblade

    It was only a matter of time until you got horned by Jeff. Seriously, I think browny is set on fairings.
  16. not really, not in a straight line.
    im talking about cornering etc. sheer velocity is only half the equation :)
  17. To be honest I'll be very surprised if he buys anything but the bird!
  18. im still surprised why hes jumping from 250 to 1000 ...
    im only a learner myself on a cbr250rr but hes learning on a gpx. its a fair bit slower than my cbr. the jump from his 35 - 40 pony gpx to a 150 horse cbr is mental. i think a 600 or 750 should slot in there somewhere, after all, the cbr sorta does have about 4 times the power and almost twice the top speed. its his choice though ...
  19. Have you seen him ride though?

    And theres nothing much in it between the 250s. People are often surprised by what i can get up to on the vtr :wink:

    Just see if you can take both for a nice loooong test ride browny, and see which you like better
  20. Thanks Swiss!

    Swiss is right though... the CBR is quicker on the straights without a doubt but I've seen GPX's and VTR's go bloody quick through the tight stuff

    I think I've nearly got a bird.. will let you know :wink: