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01 CBR600F4i - MAP sensor blown, maybe? Safe to ride anyway?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    My F4i has started being a little troublesome on a certain issue. This video isn't my bike, but it's exactly what it does:

    The two blinks at a time of the FI light, according to the service manual, means a potential issue with the MAP sensor.

    Pulled off the fairing, lifted the tank, reseated the sensor and vacuum hose, still no joy. So on a lark, I tried disconnecting the sensor altogether. After starting the bike again, it runs "normally", albeit with a single-blink FI code. It smells like it's running a bit rich (which makes sense… but I'm not even really sure if it's rich or not since I don't really have a "before" smell in my memory), but otherwise ok.

    So, dear friend, I pose the following questions to you:

    Anyone seen this?
    Do you agree that it's most likely the sensor itself?
    Is it safe to ride with it disconnected until I get a replacement (ordering first thing tomorrow am)?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Hoping someone can let me know by morning if I should park the bike for my commute or if I should be ok…

    Amazing how even a 4km commute by car is a horrifying concept to me at this point :rofl:
  3. Welp, looks like it's gonna be a 2 week wait for the part :(
  4. It's one of those things. It could and probably would ride fine.
    But there is a slight chance it could run lean and pre-ignite. The two worst things for a motor. And you wont get any change from four thou on a top end rebuild.
  5. I'd say the opposite and guess the limp mode would run a little rich just to be safe -as suggested by the fuel you're smelling. But I could be wrong.
  6. Yeah I'm with Roarin. I don't know the Honda system intimately but the MAP sensor is usually one of the primary air fuel mixture drivers. Without it you are lucky the bike runs at all. Continuing to ride is risking serious damage.

    How Honda specific is the sensor? Can you get something from Jaycar?
  7. It's made by Denso… I'm pretty much just riding the pushbike in the meantime. Not the end of the world, my commute is 4km :angel: