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01 CBR600F4i - Brake pad and rotor suggestions?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by grue, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Getting pretty close to the end of my brake life, and looking for suggestions on pads and rotors. Looking for good progressive performance.

    I'd also looove suggestions on where to buy online :angel:

  2. I put ferodo slintered hh pads on my er6 and the bite on them has been excellent. Really strong firm bite, but no issues at slow speed. Obviously different style of bike, but may help. I hear good things about Galfer to.
    http://www.superbikesupply.com.au Stock those, pads and rotors.
  3. Why do you need new rotors? Have you measured them?
  4. My $14 pads from eBay are still going strong :rofl:

    But I'll try Ferodo pads next or some EBC ones if they're cheap enough.

    You'll need some of those bling wavy rotors I reckon, check what BGW have for your bike.

    (Or maybe a later model Honda that'll bolt up :-k I know a guy that can get Honda parts cheap...)
  5. Haven't measured yet, but I plan for "worst case" and then I'm happy if I don't have to buy everything :angel:
  6. :-s

    (turns out OEM brakes are REALLY spendy!)
  7. Sweetie these will integrate with your bike Metal Gear www.metalgear.com.au

    Through these little darlings you can buy rotors and pads, go sintered......
    I would tootle around with these on the roadies.......
  8. Yep! Go Metal Gear rotors but fit Ferodo pads. Check em out here
  9. Rotors are something that only get replaced maybe once in a bikes life.
  10. Ive been through MetalGear a number of times for both of my bikes. They seem to cater for everything. TUV approved and comply with ADR (australian design rule). Learnt this after purchasing a pair of S3 discs that ended up being illegal to begin with.

    Sintered for sure!
  11. Oh, fair enough :)
  12. Got a set of Galfer pads with the ceramic coated backing plates off ebay. Pretty good price, cann't remember exactly, think they were about $80-$90 delivered.(should be even cheaper now)
    Like the pads.
    Had a set of EBC pads before, stopped OK but the the squeek was anoying.