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007 Casino Royale (Very much a SPOILER)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MattyB, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. For those of you who have seen it, what did you think?

    Personally - I HATED it.

    The ending pissed me right up the wall.

    Heres a list of things I hated most.

    - No gadgets (it's not a friggin bond movie without gadgets!!)

    - Weak as pee car scene (hops in a hot car, drives through an S-Bend, writes it off. fin. WTF?!)

    - Card game scene - So, he raises then loses, raises then loses again, and third time lucky, he raises and wins. scene over... seriously, how about a bit of thought? I was hoping for the story lines sake he'd fold after the 2nd loss before he put 'all in', learn his lesson, see that he had a monster hand, and beat him the next round. but instead, it was straight down the line "i'm arrogant and a shit player, arrogant and a shit player, arrogant and a shit player that won.)

    - Confusing part 3/4 into it - ok, who the hell shot the bad guy with the ball swinger? someone explain that whole part of the movie for me?

    - Casting someone from youtube - well, not really.. but that new fad thats going around with people bouncing off walls and jumping building gaps.. they jump STRAIGHT on the band wagon, cast one of those dudes, and TOTALLY milk his trickery for all it's worth..

    - THE FRIGGIN GIRL DIES!! dear god no.. she was black mailed by the bad guys, he trys to CPR her back to life after that whole speel, and to be honest, it would've played into my yearning 'please-don't-die-gorgeous' hands if she were to survive and i'd possibly roll my eyes and say "didn't see THAT coming </sarcasm>" - but thats what i wanted!
    She was innocent (in the end), she had to live! damn you!

    - James, obviously heart-broken and shattered tucks all his emotion deep down inside, puffs out his barely built chest and ends with a "i'm a stubborn knobhead" (or words to that effect).

    - what the HELL was that whole 'mathis' thing - who the hell was he? how was he bad? i don't know.. i'm lost again.

    Sorry for the rant, I'll console myself with a google image search of 'Eva Green'

    - Matt.

  2. Haven't seen the new film but doubt it could be any more crap or confusing than the original (which I reckon is a perfect example of what happens when movie execs on drugs approve films made by people on drugs).
  3. I seen it 2 weeks ago ,I thought the foot chase ,was one of the best chases in a movie EVER .

    Best $5 for a DVD ,i have spent . :p
  4. Pah, I haven't seen a good car chase seen since Ronin.

    Daniel Craig is a brilliant bond, IMHO. Obvious choice after seeing Layer Cake.
  5. Yeah the chase in ronin was good :)

    I saw casino royale a few weeks back, told everybody at work not to bother seeing it until it hits dvd - I thought it sucked.

    That poker game went for waaay too long - by the time it finished I was half asleep, and the actor... well maybe its just me, but I dont think he makes a good james bond at all.

    The only scene I enjoyed was that chase across the crane/rooftops etc, agree its the best footchase Ive ever seen.... but really, aint the bond films meant to be good car chases too?

    I give it a 2/10 - wont watch it again