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00' Triumph TT600

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  1. very nice the blue looks magic
  2. Nice! I had a very late 04 Sprint ST 955i. I loved that bike, got stolen just recently. Extremely pissed as I will never find another like it.

    Triumphs grow on you.... The TT600's don't get the love like the 955 and 1050 models do, but I reckon they're a future collectable since they were made in the UK and they're a real Triumph.
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  3. Awesome looking bike with a great write up. Love a good Triumph.
    Best of luck in the future.
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  4. I love these bikes. I had a yellow TT600 which was my first bike after coming off of my 250 learners restriction.
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  5. Taken to an independent bike shop for a proper inspection and all I can say is stay away from Teammoto.
  6. The yellow on black looks better imo but all in all I'm pretty happy with its cosmetic state considering its age.