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00 CBR600FY - New Tyre Choice - your views pls...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by norseman, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Dunlop 208RRs - $440 fitted

  2. Pilot Powers - $470 fitted

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  3. Dunlop Qualifiers - $520 fitted

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  1. I use my 2000 model CBR600FY for commuting in Melbourne - no freeways or trackdays or weekend scratching (that's just how it is) :? .

    After 19,000klms, my OEM Dunlop 207s are finished and I'm ready to splash half a grand on a replacement set.

    I am interested in your feedback ESPECIALLY if you have used both the 208RRs and the Pilot Powers on a 600cc sports for commuting.

    Obviously the new Qualifiers have only just hit the shops and feedback is scarce.

    Prices in the poll per Bob Jane Melbourne City (motorcycles)

    Thanks in advance, :)
  2. why are you considering soft compound tyres for a commuter?
    I got 3000km's out of my last pilot power - perhaps you should be looking at somthing made to last longer rather than be stickier if you are only commuting anyway.
  3. Thanks Prawns.

    On the basis that my D207s lasted 19,000klms (which should have only delivered, say, 9,000klms) I am punting on getting better than average out of the current crop of softies. Essentially I don't want anything less than my current level of grip, and I can afford $500, so I am happy to spoil myself with the extra grip that the new ones bring to the table.

    I am working on the premise that the 208RRs and PPs and Qualifiers are the modern day equivalent of the 207s which were the hot spec in 99-2000.

    Did you do any track work or high speed scratching for your 3,000klms? Also, have you continued with them?

  4. I tend to get whatever I can afford at the time (tyres every 2 or 3 months is killin my wallet)

    The 3,000kms was just done commuting throughout the week, and a bit of fun on the weekends which involves high speed I guess (no track days or anything)

    Prolly my fav tyre sofar would be a super corser (sp?) that I had on the front, aint tried one of these on the rear however but it seemed to wear nice and evenly throughout its life
  5. New tyres - last call gentlemen please...

    I fear that this topic is either..

    Too boring; or :roll:

    Done to death; :? or

    Swamped by the overwhelming competition for attention to this forum generally. :mad:

    Any last calls before I move on please...? :)

    Much obliged
  6. :eek: :eek:

    Most OEM designated tyres will differ from the model available over the counter, I wonder if that's the case with your 207's cos 19000k's is enormous milage out of them!!

    All of the options you've listed aren't orientated towards your type of riding at all, and I would go as far to say that they're all overkill for commuting!

    Okay so you want the grip, but what else do these tyres have to offer you? Not much. The sides will harden/weather badly (esp. after 15000km's!!) cos you're never likely to use the sides commuting, meaning that on the odd rare ocassion that you go to carve, you'll be left wondering why you lost it.

    None of these tyres are good in the wet, there are much better options for the odd wet ride. These tyres will adversely affect the handling characteristics of the bike as you know it now, and are more suited to the nervous handling traits of track bikes (the audience at which these tyres are designed for).

    These tyres are so soft that you'll end up squaring them off in a couple of thousand kilometres, again worsening the handling of your bike.

    A more suitable tyre for you would be the popular Bridgestone BTO14. Great grip, they're excellent in the wet, and you'll get twice the milage out of these than any of the tyres you've listed...
  7. Thanks Cammo :wink: - I'll check these out on the Bridgestone web site.

    Can you help me with Dunlop and Michelin equivalents, just for comparison?

    PS - please remember that although "just commuting", I still like to lean and power hard out of corners, even if in first or second gear from near stop in some cases !! :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I will walk before I put a set of Dunlops on my bike again.

    Get some pirelli diablos
  9. Thanks for the view slammer.

    Reasons? For mine, no slides or frights from the D207s.

    For context, what bike do you ride please and what went wrong with the Dunlops ?!?

  10. was riding a 95 model ZX6R back then.
    After i put a set of D208s on i started having problems with the front end, at first i thought it was just me not being smooth, but it kept happening in my corner entries, 2 accidents and several thousand dollars later i switched to diablos, and i've never had the problem again. also tried also tried the 012ss, they are ok, but i prefer the diablos. They are great even on the track, very predictable, great grip and good wear
  11. Go the pilot powers. I ride pretty much flat stick everywhere (except on freeways) & get about 8000kms out of a front & 6000kms out of a rear. Personally I reckon they are a good wet weather tyre, even when the tread depth is getting well down. Put a 208 Dunlop on when I got caught short on a trip once. Couldn't wait to get rid of it. Would slide when you least expected it. You could have a bit of fun with it though -spin it up exiting tighter corners & was reasonably predictable doing it. Got about 5000kms out of it.
  12. OK, My hornet is not dissimilar, and my riding patterns likewise, if what you say is to be understood as general riding

    I have just replaced a Bridgestone BT-014 (16" of course) front after 12,000 kms, and am just about to replace a Bridgestone BT020 rear, (17") with nearly 13,000 kms. Total cost when fitted around $485.00.

    I don't do track days, but that mileage includes two trips to Melbourne and back via the Princes Highway for Netrider functions, and one one-day marathon of 1228kms from Wollongong to Armidale and back in 19 hours. It also includes a mad fang up Reefton when I was down for the Netrider Dinner.

    Hope this helps..... :grin:
  13. i am very interested what comes out of this, as i am in a similar position, new set in about 2 months time. Does a I4 and Vtwin make a difference to type of tire. I have been told the pilot road is a great commuting tire, but ok for a blast in the hills to?
  14. i too am interested of the out come of this result as i will be looking for some new tyres soon as well
    but i was just wondering dont they make tyres that are a little harder in the middle and soft around the edges??
    i remember someone telling me this on satuday coffee at st kilda last week..
    cant remember the name of tyre...
  15. Ok had a dunlop sportmax 5000ks and shit in the wet wont be going there again,Now have a pilot road on 10000ks and probably another 4000 left in it,for that sort of ks on a zx9 it seems a good middle of the road tyre,however i will be going a bit softer this time has anyone used michellin pilot sports ????
  16. Yes, I had them on my bike before the Pilot Powers. The Sport was better than the Dragon Evo by about 100%. However, the Powers are just sensational - very confidence inspiring. They also seem to hold their shape better than the Sport, don't flatten out as much from commuting type riding. I would rather go the Power than the Sport. Just my 2cent worth.
  17. they are called dual compound tyres troy - alota manufactureres make em.
    Regarding the pilot sports, its what im putting on next prolly, one of my fav tyres I have run :) - unfortunatly cant afford a corsa atm