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00-03 GSXR Owners

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gsxrjames, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Hey hey.

    I’m off my P’s soon so will be ditching the ugly rear mud guard that currently holds my P. It looks like there are stacks of fender eliminators available for 04+ models but nothing earlier.
    Does anyone who owns a gsxr know of a simple, easy eliminator that won’t stab my wallet?
    Also do you need to also install those led indicators that attach directly to the number plate or can you leave/move the standard ones?
    Those led lights look a bit small for my liking. Also I don’t want to worry about different relays etc. Thanks
  2. just cut the bottom of the fender off and mount the numberplate higher. looks heaps better and costs nothing.
  3. That's your only option for getting rid of it - the stock fender is moulded with the undertray, so you either cut it or get a whole new undertail. These look great, but the real ones aren't cheap and I have yet to find one that's even vaguely legal (most have indicators integrated into the stop lights, which is ghey and cop-bait) or tiny little lights that the barely-awake driver behind you won't see as they come up behind you at the intersection...

    See my mis-adventure with an undertail:

    I'm considering going the chop myself soon, probably just shorten it as csgup1 said rather than completely remove it.

    You can get a generic fender eliminator which will make fitting your plate and indicators easy, but I'm not spending $60 when a couple of angle brackets from Bunnings will do just fine - mini indicators bolt straight to the plate, as does the rego tube, and the plate mounting bolts have LEDs in them.

    Not strictly legal, I know, but should be legit enough to avoid too much attention.
  4. I had my gsxr undertail cut already when i bought it. Cops still notice hey.... i got pinged twice.... not very nice... but i took the risk, so my own fault....

    so if yo do do it, just remember you will probably get caught
  5. If you have a dremel then any FE will fit, you just need to get it and have a look at it to see how you can make it fit, then take the dremel to it! Make your own holes, or even better make your own FE!

    The FE I got didn't have a reflector, so I just stuck one on. Its more fun too hacking stuff together!
  6. i cut alot of my fender off on my k1gixxer, been pulled over alot including one copper that had a walk round the bike looking for problems.....never been a issue for me (YMMV)
    it was interesting when the highway patrol demanded i mount the rego label to the rear under the plate tho,I was waiting for the mention of the cut fender but he didnt notice (or perhaps wasnt worried) and just watched me mount the rego label from his car and drove off
  7. hmmmm ok thanks. I think my rear was previously cut and then reattached for rwc reasons. I've thought about just cutting it back but it still wont give that smooth clean look of a FE. Sounds like to much trouble anyway. When everyone says they get pulled over, is this generally provoked or just random. I haven't been stoped yet but maybe im just lucky 8-[
  8. I have a K1 Gixxer with the rear fender cut off , looks pretty good and I havent been stopped as yet.
    Was done by a previous owner and it passed RWC. I'll put pictures up when I get home if you like :)
  9. Yeah thanks. Is it just the part below the number plate that is cut or do people also cut/neaten the sides where the indicators are?
  10. Apologies for the poor quality of the camera phone in semi darkness...


  11. Thanks, how did you mount the indicators?
  12. I didnt mate , they were done by the previous owner.
  13. thats right. well i'll have a look at it tonight, see if i can't figure it out