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0-60 in 0.97 seconds?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. 0-100kmh in 0.97 seconds.. how?

    Electric bike! instant torque.. That sounds a bit TOO fast doesn't it? What would happen if you gave that much power to an inexperienced rider?

  2. I'll take a black one thanks.
  3. he claims 60 miles in 0.97 so thats what 85-100 kmph
  4. 60mph is 100kph.. :? Shit see that thing take off.. :twisted:
  5. 0 - 60 in .97 secs ...

    60 - 0 in .001 secs.

    Hope the guy is OK!
  6. Oh
  7. 62mph to be pedantic
  8. Now if you want to be real pedantic its actually.. 62.137119 mph.. :p :LOL:
  9. Awful post on so many levels.

    1. Inaccurate.
    2. Sensationalist.
    3. Misleading.

    You're like an ACA story rolled up into a single shitty post.
  10. Why is it inaccurate? Why is it sensationalist and why is it misleading. If your going to flame someone at least tell them where they went wrong
  11. :evil: :evil:
    what a wnkr
  12. It is inaccurate, sensationalist and misleading because it suggests somebody creates super-powerful electric bikes and gives them out to inexperienced riders. In truth this kind of power might well be too much for the street, but this is not a street bike - it's a drag racer and it is not supposed to be on the streets. In fact, it *was* pretty damn stupid for this guy to demonstrate it on the street, as evidenced by the result.

    He was not an inexperienced innocent, either. He's the guy who *built* this bike, for heaven's sakes! If anybody should know what it can do, it should be him. Yes, he admitted he doesn't usually ride it - this is the second reason why he was an idiot to give this demonstration... which he later admitted. In his own words: "I'm an idiot!"

    Oh, and the third reason he's an idiot: he did all this without any hint of protective gear! But see what happened? Instant karma can be a biatch.
  13. for devotard, and cb250goespop

    lets analyse the post.
    inaccurate? no, its spot on. misleading? no, its spot on. sensationalist? no, its spot on.

    inaccurate? no, its spot on. misleading? no, its spot on. sensationalist? no, it cant be, a simple hypothetical question is being posed, and consequently answered. watch and listen, the dude states that he doesn't ride the bike so "this could be interesting" <--that tells me he is inexperienced. maybe not on bikes altogether, but certainly on this one.

    uh oh, now you are adding your own words to make a case :roll:
  14. It is spot on, but it is sensationalist... it is perfectly possible to present facts in sensationalist fashion, for example by not putting them in proper context. In this case, by not including the critical bit of info that this is a one-off drag racer not a road-going bike!

    It's a common rhetoric technique, to present your point of view or accusation in form of a question. "Does he beat his wife? Well, we don't have that information at the moment..."
    The question "that sounds a bit too fast doesn't it?" is nonsense in the context of drag racer - its sole purpose is to be as fast as possible. It would make sense for a road bike, but again, it isn't a road bike but that crucial bit of info was omitted.
    Again, he built this bike, so he might not be experienced but he is certainly well aware of its potential. He's not some dude lured in by the image, advertising or peer pressure, which is why I added 'not innocent'.

    So.. umm... what am I arguing, exactly? To clarify, two things: One, the post *was* sensationalist and misleading. Two: the guy in the vid was an idiot nevertheless.
  15. Thought it was a great post...

    1 - So much for never enough horsepower

    2 - Guy should stick to building the bikes

    3 - Never a more aptly named bike

    4 - His assistant looked OK :wink:
  16. +1

    Loosen up the rest of ya, thx for defending me joel :)

    I don't think its sensationalist, I'm pointing at a possible future of motorcycles . I find using an electric powered bike extremely interesting because as we know it = instant torque as soon as its on. With enough power, thats incredible potential. The question must be raised then, is that kind of acceleration too much for someone inexperienced? Just because I phrased it in a today tonight headlight fashion doesn't mean its crapola..
  17. I think it's safe bet that 400hp/0-60 under one second machines are not about to become commonplace. And the reason for it would be legislation, not technology!

    As for the question whether this kind of power is too much for somone inexperienced... that too has been well and truly answered already, in form of our LAMS, Euro restriction for under eighteens to 125cc, or France's blanket restriction of ALL bikes to no more than 100hp. Whether you agree or not, I wouldn't expect a drastic turn-around in their thinking just because electric bikes became suddenly available.

    Speaking about the future of electric vehicles, have you heard about this firm in the US that claims to create workable alternative to batteries, basically by making a breakthrough in technology of capacitors as I understand it... Very interesting if it's for real but it remains unconfirmed at the moment.
  18. sorry champ, dont agree.
    i guess it depends on how dramatically you look in to things. determination of whats misleading and sensationalising are matters of individual perception, and how much of that perception you use. some of us even imaginatively construe/add words to suit ;)
    meh, whatever, im with toecutter & phizog. good post.
  19. Regardless of how the post was written, that guy is lucky he didn't kill himself. He got away with extreme idiocy very lightly!