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$0.50 Postage on Netrider Neckwarmers for May

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vic, May 2, 2007.

  1. That's right folks.

    For the entire month of May, you can get yourself a Netrider neck warmer for only $24 delivered.

    There are only 5 in stock (there were 10 on Friday) so get in quick if you wish to secure one early.

    I will be ordering more in at the end of the week.
  2. I can vouch how awesome these neck warmers are. I have a few different types and the netrider one is definitely the best I have. Feels the best on me and warms the next VERY nicely :) It also helps stop with some wind noise when it's on due to 'plugging up' the big holes between helmet and the head/neck :)
  3. Neck warmer

    Hey Vic

    I am interested in on of your neck warmers if it ain't to late and also would like to speak to you about a few things I tried to pm you but was unable to due to needing 20 posts can you give me a call or pm me your no and I will coll you MY no is 0422 700 701 Name is Resat you will remember me from some of the Oz motorcycle Expo's we did together in Melb we had stands by one another etc.

  4. Don't leave home this winter without a Netrider Neck Warmer; your neck couldn't be warmer than it is in a Netrider Neck Warmer....

    {are you getting the subliminal messages, here, folks :LOL:}
  5. I've never heard of a neck warmer before......so what does one of these look like?
  6. A polar fleece tube that you shove your head in.
    Kinda like a scarf but without the flappy bits ;)
    Excellent way to keep the wind off your neck.

    I should buy one, some old coot is running around the Gong with mine :p

    I just ordered some more, stocks are low.
  7. do you have any pictures?
  8. thousands, i'm a photographer :p

    There is a pic on the merch page but it doesnt really show it too well.

    Its as described a polar fleece tube that is longer at the back than the front.

    They work well, ask around :)