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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Paulie, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Hey all, another seemingly stupid question from yours truly.... Does anyone have an idea of how quickly a Gpx 250 (1989ish model) would do 0-100 kilometres an hour?

    (just trying to gauge the actual speed as compared to cars etc)

    Thanks :D

  2. hey thanks alot dude! What do you think is the FASTEST road legal bike? with the best 1/4 mile times? (just out of curiosity, I'd never have the $$ or balls for one though hahaha)
  3. The bike's times would have to depend to a considerable extent on the body mass (and surface area!) of the rider.
  4. And riding ability.. well ability to quickly change gears and stuff :D
  5. HAHA my cars 1/4 mile times are irrelevant! hehehe, i drive a stock standard mitsubishi mirage! I think i do 0-100 in like 12 or 14 seconds or something I think I read somewhere.

    We have alot of mini's (coopers and clubmans) and my dads mate has a clubman with a turbo starlet engine in it. He's pulling 13 seconds down the quarter mile! Not bad for a little mini hey!

    Gromit: I only weigh 60 kilos! and I'm like 5'7"... so I dont think I'll be slowing it down too much hehehe
  6. Suzuki Hayabusa. First production bike made that'll reach 200mph with no modification, IIRC. And now people add turbochargers to them (!!)

    If you're looking at two-fiddies, I'd go the Aprilia RS250. Comes with a price tag to match, though.

    If you're only looking at four-stroke two-fiddies, I'm guessing it's the CBR250RR.
  7. askin a lot of questions eh dude :twisted:

    i'd be pretty rapt if i could get a GPX to do that! less than 6 seconds to 100? no way in hell i reckon, unless your a jockey with some serious reflexes on a brand spankin new bike :shock:

    and the fastest road legal bike.... are we talking production or modified? not that i know whats the quickest of either, but theres a HUGE difference between them. like a stock busa would have no chance against one with a turbo. i know that newish stock litrebikes can run low 10s in the right hands....
  8. Heard a story the other day about a mate of a mate of a mate with a 'Busa that pull 500Hp and was doing consistent 8.7 quarters....
  9. Yep. I find it much easier to change gears on a bike than a car, but much harder to stay in the Across's 10,000+ powerband without my ears bleeding.

    And the age of the bike - considering he's looking at a 1989 model, it would probably need a full rebuild to get perfect times.
  10. R1 1/4 mile in just over 9 seconds
    most road bikes (big bore not 250's) will do the 1/4 ton in between 9-12 seconds.
    0-100 times for most road bikes is between 2.5-4 seconds.
  11. :eek: You guys certainly know your stuff hey!

    Thanks for being so quick to answer all my annoying questions aswell!

    This forum is so distracting. I have an exam tomorrow and supposed to be studyin all week but i have been reading through all the old posts on here instead.. I'm so gonna die when I sit this exam! bah! Who even cares what "Partial Interests" are anyways! hehe
  12. My ZZ-R1100 will pass 100km/h in 1st gear. Therefore, ability to change gears is not an issue... :D ...well...until I hit redline, then I have to worry about it.
  13. I reckon those figures are a little optimistic. I havent measured the bike but my vn ss does around a 15 second quarter. And i know the little zzr aint as quick as the car.

    As for the 0-100 youd have to get a bloody perfect start i reckon.
  14. I'll put it this way: even on a perfect bike, there's no way that I'd be able to get those times. I'm not a drag rider and I don't know anybody who is. They're "perfect" times, and not from any kind of reputable source. So they could very well be out, but probably not as much as you think...

    I would say that your zzr would beat your car to the 0-100 with ease but the VN SS would thrash it past the 100kph mark. Plus, I'm going out on a limb here ,but I'm guessing that you have more experience with cars than bikes...
  15. Yeah, I don't think the GPX can do that sort of 0-100km/h. That's quicker than a modern V8 (SS, XR8), and I know I've been beaten by said cars quite a few times - and even with what I thought was a very good launch. (You've gotta get ur jollies somehow on a 2fiddy, right?)

    If I was guessing, I would say around 6.5-7 seconds. Quicker than your average Falcadore, but not as good as a V8.
  16. You just need to learn how to launch properly Tenoq. :p
    Just you wait, with the new set of sprockets due in the next few months... i'll be back to kickin your ass left right and centre (well all except for the twisties ya loon. :p ) Pegs are not a full time road contact patch!
  17. Ba, humbug! You'll be eating my dust for a long-time yet, padawan! :LOL:
  18. Suzuki RGV250 mid to late '90's ... rev out to 11K... DON"T drop the cluch!!! just ease it out nice.... there is point where you get the max friction on the cluch and rear tyre... I have never been beeten in a drag race on an RGV!!!
  19. The only catalogued bike that has ever reached 200mph is the Ten Kate CBR1000rr. The Hayabusa, in standard form, cannot do 200mph. It does break the 300kph mark (however the CBR1100xx was the first to do this. The ZZR1100 toped out raond 290-295kph). Fastest genuine top speed Ive seen for the Busa is 307(with mirrors on) and 311(with mirrors off).