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International “Tail of the Dragon”

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by DYG58, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Anyone on Netrider had the experience of riding the “tail of the dragon” in the US?

  2. I can remember which thread it was but someone was heading to the US very soon (or is there now) and this was one of the roads they were going to do.

    Try searching 'dragon' on NetRider and it should come up.
  3. Let's put this in "Roads, Touring and Riding Diaries' where it belongs ;)

    Also search for the same road under 'Deals Gap'
  4. Don't do @Justus out of a job, he lives for this stuff.
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    Yeah I have, its similarly busy to the old road, its twistier though and bigger changes of altitude. Police are on it as well :)

    Anything you want to know

  6. Yeah ... what's the latte like at the café???
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    Coffee is crap all over USA.

    There are better roads that I went on even, Colorado and Utah were better. It was only good for the pose (hard on the 'wing) and the noteriety.
  8. I've heard that before and can't help wondering why??? when they are so close, geographically, to coffee producing nations :confused:
  9. All the Italians stayed in NJ to become mobsters raher than opening up coffee shops like here. :p
  10. I'm fine with mobsters if'n they can brew a decent cup :)
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  11. Ok guys let’s clear a few things up. Firstly I travel to the states twice a year and have done for the last 10 years. So I kinda have a little insight. Their coffee can be crap but is getting better; you just have to know where to go.
    Secondly there are some amazing roads all over the states and yes, Colorado has some great rides but unfortunately the altitude and traffic can make a bike riders life difficult. The canyon rides are challenging but as I said can be very crowded with bikes and tourists – think a sunny Sunday on the old Pacific Hwy on steroids!
    I asked about the Tail of the Dragon because I’ll going to be in the area and have access to a bike. Have done a little research but just thought information from somebody how’d actually been there would be nice.
    I’ll be there for a month or so and will send a report
  12. Umm OK, if you dont like traffic then he Dragon is a bit busy if you are going on a weekend, it was busier than the old road as comparison.
  13. If you've got time, look also at the Blue Ridge Parkway from just outside Cherokee NC to Waynesboro Virginia, then joining Skyline Drive through Shenandoah NP. It's mostly under park rules (low speed limits :() but if you link it to Deal's Gap it's over 700 miles of corners all strung together with hardly any settlements.
    (Disclaimer: I haven't been back there in over 25 years so it may have changed :rolleyes: )
  14. Ridding the Dragon tomorrow!
  15. How did it go? Did you get chased by chips?
  16. the dragon rocks!, closely followed by the 208 just near by (in actual fact I like it better as no traffic), and a few other backroads in that area are just as much fun, SD though was the hidden biker's heaven, roads in prime condition and very little traffic. Colorado was again very busy and roads had lots of tar snakes that get slippery in summer. But overall the whole country is basically biker heaven.
  17. I live a couple of hours from there. The Dragon is a great road, but you need to ride it on weekdays or early in the morning. After that and traffic gets heavy and the cops come out. There are some great roads all around that area. If you ever make it this way, let me know I can show you some roads that are just as good, if not better, and very low traffic.
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  18. I rode it in the rain, then in the snow, then in the sun over a couple of days one trip.

    Took a detour in the Butt Lite rally and rode it again last year.

    More like the '10 mile' section of the Putty Road in my mind, though 3 times more bends in the same length section.

    Combines well with the Cherohala Skyway and Hellbender roads nearby.