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“Glossary of Common Australian Riding Terms” Suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Maurice Blackburn, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. The Background
    In addition to motorcycle advocacy Maurice Blackburn also assists riders who’ve incurred injuries or property damage deal with insurance companies. Our recent engagement with motorcyclists has cultivated a greater appreciation for the idiosyncrasies P2Ws contend with (such as filtering, overtaking, countersteering and prejudice, to name but a few).

    The Action
    Maurice Blackburn has therefore decided to introduce an internal education program to foster even greater motorcycle savvy amongst our lawyers. This endeavour will help riders when they’re in a fix by ensuring their legal representation is as informed as possible.

    The Request
    When things "get legal" it sure helps when folk are talking the same language - can Netrider help with Suggestions for a “Glossary of Common Australian Riding Terms”?


    PS Be as frank as you like
    PPS We’ve got that SMIDSY one covered!
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  2. Here are some terms to ponder... definitions might be provided piecemeal later :) ...or by others. (Hint to "others")

    Gassed it up
    Wide open throttle
    Backed off
    Trail braked
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  3. Cage...
    chicken strips...
    crotch rocket...
    knee down...
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  4. Backing it in
    Spinning it up
    Grinding the pegs
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  5. "Well, your honour, I was doing a dollar twenty..."

    /took me a while to figure that one out
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  6. Filtering: Moving through that is stopped or very very slow moving (walking speed) traffic.

    Splitting: Moving through traffic that is moving at a reasonable pace.
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  7. Wheelie/mono - ride along on the back wheel
    Stoppie - ride along on the front wheel.
    Ape's/Apehangers - Tall handlebars
    Apex - The vertex or tightest (middle or centre) point of a curve.
    Line - the best path through a corner or series of corners
    Offline - not the best way to go around a corner or series of corners, sometimes ending at a tree.
    gravel - loose surface - puts you offline and end up in a tree.
    Highside - in a crash you go over the top of the bike and break your collarbone when you hit the ground. Like a bodyslam in wrestling, only worse.
    Low side - in a crash the bike slides out from under you and slides into a tree
    ATGAT - all the gear at the time - Helmet leathers boots gloves etc, full safety gear, dressed for the crash not for the ride.
    Chair - A common term for a side car.
    Chicken Strips - The tread left on the sidewalls of a sport bike. How much of this there is (or isn't) is how some Bikers size each other up.
    Countersteering - 1. The act of turning the bikes handlebars in one direction(at higher speeds) and having it go in the opposite direction. 2. The way you use the handlebar to lean the bike into a turn. If you want to turn right, you turn the handlebars left, and vice versa.
    EDIT - counter steering - confused? I'll try again - to turn you push the inside handlebar ie the right side bar (throttle) to turn right. Push the left side bar (clutch) to turn left.
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  8. post deleted
  9. Let me know where and I'll do it.
  10. I thought it was ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time)?
  11. post deleted
  12. bars
    two up
  13. stroker
    rice burner
    po po
    fender eliminator
    set up - as in set up and squeeze
    gear - as in riding accessories
    wets - as in both gear and rubber
  14. 1 get the bike onto the balance point on the rear wheel, can continue riding like this.
    2 get the bike onto the balance point on the front wheel, can't ride like this but can hold it for a while.
    3 Burnout, WOT and front brake to get rear tyre to spin while the bike stays still.
    4 I think this means to get the front wheel off the ground by applying too much throttle but it could also mean to fill the bike with fuel. "Clutched it up" is to get the front wheel off the ground by first getting the engine to high revs (and high power) and then releasing the clutch lever.
    5 Wide open throttle (WOT) is when the throttle control is twisted to its upper limit. Whether or not this actually corresponds with WOT is questionable with some bikes and their "fly-by-wire" technology.
    6 Backed off has many meanings. In this context it usually would mean to slow down by rolling off the throttle.
    7 Trail braked is to use the rear brake to change the suspension dynamics rather than in an attempt to slow the rear wheel (throttle still open, bike still in gear).
    8 To split is to ride between cars more than 20mph faster than they are going or at over 40 mph. This is done by applying the normal lane marking rules to 4-wheeled (or greater) vehicles only.
    9 To Filter is to ride between cars at a speed less than splitting.
    10 Cager is slang for a car driver
    11 Noobie is a common internet forum term, but it is applied to people's motorcycling experience rather than the amount of time that they have been involved in a particular forum.
  15. blip the throttle - open up the throttle (not always all-the way, but many do) for a short amount of time.

    cafe racer - carefull of context

    (bike) modifying a bike that was never really meant to go fast into a street legal racer. usually an old commuter bike, modified with low handlebars, better suspension and a good engine tune. usually stripped back as much as possibe, with only a small faring at the front. -

    (modern bike)
    a bike that is stripped of body work, has an old style headlight and clip-on bars. to make it look like an old cafe racer.
    usually has an older racing style seat, flat with a curved bump at the rear.

    (rider) a rider (usually on a ducatti) who is more concerned with how he and the bikes look then riding. he wants the image that riding a bike gives him. called a cafe racer as he usually only rides his expensive high performance bike to cafe's to get his latte, thus why they are also called latte sippers

    (old rider) back in the day like the original bikes, they used to congegrate around cafe's where the rock and roll music was played, there they would swap stories about attemts to reach "the ton" or one hundred miles an hour. they also used to "record race" where they would attempt to get to a destination and back, before the record had finished playing.

    rocker - bunch of blokes in leathers that ride cafe racers

    mods - bunch of blokes that ride scooters
  16. 'pillion biatch' aka 'fender bunny'
    meaning.> the little woman. tends to menial duties, such as carrying helmets when dismounted, opening garage door, makes your dinner etc.
    must have BOOBS or GTFO
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  17. 'wanker'
    meaning > commodoore driver who has personalized number plates and big HSV sticker plastered across rear window.
    goes 'DOOF DOOF DOOF
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  18. 'barina bimbo' aka 'superfreak'
    meaning > young female P plater hatchback. numerous dints and scratches. wears enormous sunglasses.
    highly aggressive driving style. will not give way cos she's A SUPERFREAK, SUPERFREAK, SHE'S SUPERFREAKY !!!
  19. 'sissybar'
    compensation for small penis. device fitted to motorcycle prior to madi gras
  20. You all forgot 'killing/killed some kittens'. ;)