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Срећан рођендан Goz

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by smee, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Yes it's his burpday
    All the best to our Serbian mod.

  2. Happy birthday, sir!

    (I came in here to say "Hey something's wrong with the way my machine is rendering Russian Cyrillic", only to find it wasn't Russian at all!)
  3. Lol thanks brothers
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday Goz, Have a :beer: on me. ;)
  6. Awwwright Goz 21 ( again ) have a great day
  7. The big 40 bro :(
  8. Did not know Goz was Serbian, I have Serbian heritage, happy birthday Goz
  9. meh your still a balavac compared to me
  10. I am a mix of serb/russian
  11. Cool. I can't speak a word of it unfortunately :(
  12. Goz will teach you all the good stuff :)
  13. Heppi berzday mate
  14. Happy bday ya old git :D
  15. Big Happy Birthday Mate !
  16. Happy Birthday Goz!
  17. Happy bday Goz, dam got to come up to Sydney for a ride again as check out your cruiser....
    I'm getting that go rideabout feeling and it's still nearly 3 months to the snowy...:D
  18. oath Joe, thanks for the messages :)
  19. Happy bday. That's a nice round number ;)
  20. Happy birthday goz!