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¿cleaning a helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lord nykon, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. This might sound like a stupid question

    How do I clean my helmet?

    Ok ill give you the back story
    Thursday night I went to a party and some tool put some random fruity alcohol in it.
    (probably a vodka curser or some thing like that)
    ...when I find out who it was they will really regret it...

    been ok cause ive been using an old AGV racing helmet that came with dad’s bike but I really like mine and It almost bran new so I want to get rid of the fruity sweet smell.

    So any suggestions (On how to clean the helmet but also any on how to deal with the D#%khead that done it would also be greatly appreciated lol)

    So basically how do you clean a dirty helmet
    I have no idea but I guess chucking it in the washing machine wont work LOL
  2. I bought a can of AGV helmet liner cleaner from PS. Whilst at the Bike Mart NR night recently, I noticed that Shell sell a similar product.
  3. Sorry I should of mentioned that my helmet is a “matrix”

    And my pillion helmet (the one I am using now) is a AGV
  4. fruity sweet smell beats sweaty hair smell :p

    pretty weak act tampering with someones helmet if you ask me.
  5. i've got an AGV helmet, and i know my insides can be removed.

    Double check with your manual, but in my case, i can removing some foam, and all of the lining.

    Hand wash it with normal laundry detergent

  6. Not to much fun riding with it though.

    Also if I get pulled over for a RBT I don’t think my helmet should smell like alcohol

    And who ever did it won’t be doing it again in a hurry when I find out who it was.
    I can be rather “persuasive” :)
  7. hold your helmet around the mouth piece and punch the guy in the face with it..... or girl whichever.. messing peoples shit up aint cool
  8. Either that or put the helmet on and give em a swift headbut
  9. even if you can't remove the lining, I can't see why you couldn't wash the insides out with a light water/soap mix, just ensure you dry it out afterwards (after all, in victoria all our helmets are designed to be used in aquatic environments.)

    And beat their fruity rear end with your fists, feet, or a combination thereof... leave the innocent helmet our of it.
  10. Soapy water will be fine. Just make sure it dries and doesn't go mouldy. You can't really damage polystyrene with water and everyday soap. :)
  11. and make the person who did it drink the icky sponge squeezings from the soapy water, right after you gently punch rhem in the mouth.
  12. +1

    It's simple and easy.
  13. Stab them in the pancreas.
  14. Use plexus on the outside though.

    Dunno with the inside never had to do it.

    I'd personally punch them in the face, unless it was a girl, then i'd just pimp them out till i got the money for my helmet back.
  15. I just remove the entire lining and wash with hadn soap then let dry on the line. If its not removeable, try washing it while in the helmet and then allowing it to dry in the sun etc, so do it on a sunny morning, so it gets all day to dry.
  16. I always thought that it was bad to leave the helmet out in direct sunlight (for exteneded periods). Or is it that it's just uncomfortable to put on directly after being in the sun for a while?
  17. +1 for Plexus.

    I clean my whole bike and my helmet with it. Awesome stuff.
  18. Leaving it out in the sun can damage light/flourescent colours...

    Well thats what it said in my manual....AGV Shark....