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Songkran is a term derived from the Sanskrit word, saṅkrānti (or, more specifically, meṣa saṅkrānti). It refers to the traditional New Year celebrated in Thailand, Laos and several other Southeast Asian and South Asian countries when the sun transits the constellation of Aries, the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, as reckoned by sidereal astrology:
Cambodian New Year
Songkran (Lao), in Laos
Sinhalese New Year, in Sri Lanka
Songkran (Thailand)
Thingyan, in Myanmar
Nepali New Year
Vaisakhi, in Punjab, India
Pohela Boishakh, West Bengal, India and Bangladesh
Vishu, in Kerala, India
Kashmiri New Year, in Jammu and Kashmir, India
Pana Sankranti, in Odisha, India
Meitei Cheiraoba, in Manipur, India
Ugadi, in Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, India
Puthandu, in Tamil Nadu, India
Bihu, in Assam, India
Dai New Year, celebrated by the Dai people of Yunnan, China and the Tai Dam people of northern Vietnam.
Easter weekend occasionally coincides with Songkran (in Thailand, most recently in 1979, 1990, and 2001, but not again until 2085).

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