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Shop may refer to:
A retail shop or market
An online shop
A workshop
A machine shop
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Paint Shop Pro
The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), a part of the United States Affordable Care Act which provides a way for small businesses (50 or fewer employees) to provide qualified health care plans to their employees
"Shop class", an industrial arts educational program
The Shopi, a subgroup of the Bulgarians, Serbs and Macedonians
"Shops", an essay by the Hong Kong author Xi Xi
An abbreviation for the image editing software Adobe Photoshop or a verb describing fake imagery made with Photoshop
An abbreviation for The Shopping Channel, a Canadian home shopping channel that uses the word "Shop" in its logo
SHOP.CA Network Inc., a Canadian online e-commerce website.
Shell higher olefin process (SHOP - Shell higher olefin process) a chemical process for the production of α-olefins
The Shoppe, an American country music group
SHoP Architects, a New York-based architectural firm
.shop, a proposed top-level domain

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