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Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System

As at 19 March 2016 all VicRoads Accredited Motorcycle Training and Assessment Providers will be required to deliver motorcycle learners permit and license training in a standardised format in accordance with the new Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (M-GLS) training and assessment requirements.

The new M-GLS will be introduced to combat fatalities among motorcyclists and in response to research that indicates that rider ‘inexperience’ is a major contributor to Victorian motorcycle crashes – with learner and first year licensed riders comprising almost a third of all motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries!

Under the new M-GLS, motorcycle training organisations will no longer have the flexibility or authority to conduct learners permit or licence course that do not comply with the new M-GLS requirements – specifically the new M-GLS makss no allowances for “experienced” riders and “short courses” have been abolished for all prospective learners permit riders, irrespective of their prior riding knowledge and experience.

That means that all learners permit and license courses under the new M-GLS will be the same – same training timeframes, same training requirements – irrespective of the motorcycle training organisation you go to.

The new M-GLS therefore ensures that every prospective motorcycle learner and first-year rider gets the right amount of training and riding practice in the critical first stages of their training. No ‘ifs, no buts’.

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