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Lifeline or Lifelines may refer to:
Non-Medical In-Home Services to the Elderly
Lifeline utility, in New Zealand, an essential service during major emergencies
Crisis hotline:
Lifeline (crisis support service), Australia-based, now international
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, USA

LifeLine (medical transport), medical transport in Indiana, USA
Lifeline of Ohio, organ procurement organization
Lifeline project, a drug and alcohol abuse charity in Manchester
Life Line Screening, a health screening company in the USA
Lifeline (Pablo Cruise album)
Lifeline (Iris DeMent album)
Lifeline (Ben Harper album)
Lifeline (Neal Morse album)
Lifeline (Phillips, Craig and Dean album)
Lifeline (The Answering Machine album)
Lifelines, 2002 album by a-ha
"Lifelines" (song), its title track

Lifelines: The Jimi Hendrix Story, 1990 4-CD box set*
Lifelines (Andrea Corr album)
Lifeline (EP), EP by Jesu
"Lifeline" (Brooke Fraser song)
"Lifeline" (Jamiroquai song)
"Lifeline" (Papa Roach song)
"Lifeline" (Imogen Heap song)
"Lifeline", song by 10cc from Bloody Tourists
"Lifeline", song by Angels & Airwaves from I-Empire
"Lifeline", song from True (Spandau Ballet album)
Lifeline (TV series), 1978–79 NBC documentary series
"Lifeline" (Stargate Atlantis), episode
"Life Line", episode of Star Trek: Voyager
"Lifeline", episode of The L Word
"Lifeline", in the quiz Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, help answering a question
"Lifeline", Belgian WWII resistance group in Secret Army (TV series)
Other arts and entertainment
Lifeline (G.I. Joe), a fictional character in the G.I. Joe universe
Lifeline (video game), action-adventure
Lifeline Theatre, Chicago
Life-Line, science fiction short story by Robert A. Heinlein
Lifeline (film), a 1997 film by Johnny To about firefighting
Lifelines (literary journal) Literary journal of Dartmouth College
Lifeline, a DLC offer for the game State of Decay (video game)
Religious and humanitarian missions
Life-Line (mission boat), Baptist missionary boat in Coos Bay, Oregon, USA, 1914–23
Lifeline Expedition, Christian initiative for reconciliation from the Atlantic slave trade
Lifeline 3, from Britain to the Gaza Strip in 2006
Lifeline Energy formerly Freeplay Foundation, London-based NGO active in Africa
Lifeline Malawi Calgary-based charity
Lifeline Center for Child Development, child psychiatry center in Queens, NY
Lifeline, a telephone financial-assistance program in the U.S.
Kernmantle rope used for safety in rock climbing
In sailing, ropes or netting around the edge of the sailboat to prevent people from falling off the boat
Fall arrest a form of fall protection to prevent falling
In palmistry, a particular crease in the palm
LifeLines, genealogy freeware

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