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Huntsman may refer to:
Hunters who:
use guns/weapons for hunting
hunt with horses and dogs (e.g., fox hunting)

Huntsman is also used as a military designation for units traditionally raised from huntsmen, see Huntsmen (military)
Huntsman may also refer to:
Huntsman spider, a large spider commonly found in Australia
Huntsman (surname)
In arts and entertainment:
Huntsman (American Dragon: Jake Long), a character on American Dragon: Jake Long
Huntsman (comics), X-Men villain
Huntsman (Doctor Who), Wolf Weed Whipper in the Doctor Who serial "The Creature From the Pit", 1979
Huntsman (Marvel Comics), servant of Zeus
Huntsman (Heroic Publishing), a member of the League of Champions
Huntsman (Series), a young adult science fiction series written by Douglas Hill
The Huntsman (Freakazoid), a character on Freakazoid
Wild Huntsman (comics), a heroic character from DC Comics
The Huntsman, a short story by Anton Chekov (1884)
Huntsman (Snow White), a character from the Grimm fairy tale Snow White
Snow White & the Huntsman, a 2012 film
The Huntsman: Winter's War (film), an upcoming film

The Huntsman a fictional character from the ABC television series Once Upon a Time
In organizations:
Huntsman Corporation
Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, the School of Business at Utah State University
Huntsman, Savile Row Tailor, a Savile Row tailor
In places:
Huntsman (chemical plant), a major Australian chemical plant of the Huntsman Corporation
Huntsman Cancer Institute, world-class cancer research center named after Jon and Karen Huntsman on the University of Utah Campus
Huntsman, neighborhood in Springfield, Virginia
Jon M. Huntsman Center, the University of Utah's main sports arena, named after Jon M. Huntsman, Sr.
Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. Hall, main hall for the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
In sports:
The Huntsman, a racehorse who won the 1862 Grand National steeplechase run
In food:
Huntsman cheese, a combination of Double Gloucester and Stilton.

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