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The Honda CRF250L is a dual-sport motorcycle, part of the Honda CRF series, manufactured by Honda for their global market. It was released in 2012 as a 2013 model. It combines a high-efficiency fuel-injected single-cylinder engine, that features an electric starter, double-overhead cams, and a counterbalancer; with a comfortable, neutral seating position.
The engine is a single-radiator liquid-cooled 249.6 cc (15.2 cu in) DOHC, wet-sump, single-cylinder, four-stroke. With an electric starter, headlight, taillight, turn signals, mirrors, EPA and California Air Resources Board compliant exhaust system, and a 2.0-US-gallon (7.5-litre; 1.6-imperial-gallon) fuel tank, the CRF250L has a 320 lb (145 kg) curb weight. The seat height is 34.7 inches (881 mm).

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