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ZZR 250 - Project

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  • Hey, this is my ZZR250

    2000 Model.. Bought it for a Massive $200
    ( 6 weeks Ago)

    The first photo is how I bought it, BEST Jigsaw puzzle Ever :) It has been Unregistered for 2 1/2 Years now....

    Took me 2 weeks To get it to the stage in the 2nd photo, Most of that was Tracking down parts for the engine ( Idiot before me Took the top end apart ) I had them all, but they were spread out through Bags, milk crates and boxes

    Took me another week to get the Damn thing started, Even start ya bastard wasn't working. Had to Rebuild the carby's in the end - Still has the typical ZZR problems with the idle :banghead:

    The next week and a bit was Taken up Fixing the Fairings, the previous owners must have never Ridden before, Safe to say Most probably would have gotten new Fairings... I like a challenge :happy:

    Now comes the fun Part, Choosing the Paint Design. I was going with the Original Z looking design BUT when I Chose the colours I decided to Modify it Enough to be Unique
    So the next week was Prepping the Fairings, and in the last week my Father ( been Rebuilding cars/Bikes for 35 years )
    Started Painting and Polishing the hell out of them.

    Today I Started putting her Together for the First time in a long time, But had to fix a damn oil leak first.

    Got it All Together except the Ducktail and the tank.
    ( last photo is before the Polishing process )

    Gets registered as of the 1st, Cannot wait!
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