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Yamaha YZF-R3

Average User Rating:
  • I just got this baby on Tuesday and I already named it my "little Panther", looking at those headlights combined with bike's black colour its not hard to guess how I came up with the name.
    After 400 km's of riding I am pleased to say my bike is living up to its name - big time! And I am happy to show it off along with some notes for other LAMs riders who haven't yet had the pleasure of being introduced to R3.
    Yamaha may have been a little late arriving to this category but in my humble opinion it came best dressed for the party.
    R3 is elegant, comfortable, lively and overall a real pleasure to ride. This was not an impulse buy and I considered all other contenders in the 300's but in the end Yamaha won me and my 5' 10", 95kg's over because it felt most comfortable and most powerful, and at least to me, it was best looking as well.
    I am still running it in so I really can't speak for top end yet, but low range is smooth and there is plenty of motor in midrange and its really responsive in the twisties.
    Overall R3 is superb and I am absolutely thrilled to own one and really can't fault it! ...except... I'll definitely be replacing that stock rear fender ASAP and likely shed 2kg of weight in the process.