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Yamaha TRX850

  • My teenage dream bike, only 20 years late! Purchased December 2015, after a brief period of CBR250RR ownership to ease myself back into bikes after a 9-year hiatus. 38k on the clock when I got it.

    Bog stock aside the Magnum pipes, which sound fantastic.

    It's everything that 14-year-old me hoped it would be, and then some. It handles beautifully and sounds mint, and the power is 100% useable on the street. It loves the twisties, and it's comfortable enough to tour long distances.

    I can't see the point in modifying it too much. All I want is a programmable ECU to smooth out the power delivery down low, along with Bluespots and a master cylinder from the R6 and some braided lines. I might change the cans over to carbon fibre at some point, purely a personal choice.