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Yamaha TRX850

Average User Rating:
  • I was so inspired by my first spirited ride on my roady I decided to find another one to turn into a race/track bike. The one advertised on here(YamahaTRX850EnthusiastsForum) as 'Sick, a complete wreck really' caught my eye and I bought it, after travelling to Canberra and riding/hearing it, for $750. It's rough but it will be easier to rip into for that reason. It will be very basic, unlike winder's excellent example(see pic), as I will not be spending vast amounts on engine mods, upside down forks etc. I might go to the expense of some carbs as that seems a simple way to get roughly 10hp extra and I am going to fit big bore headers in a 2 into 1 configuration but that's also to save weight. I also picked up some R1 blue spots on eBay for $85 which were for the roady but now they're going on this. No fairing at first, if ever, as I love fanging on unfaired bikes. Don't ask me why...'cause I really don't know but it just feels 'right'...LOL.
    It IS rough but I will check the engine and repair it if necessary. I picked it up on Friday(7.06.13) from Canberra, brought it home on Saturday and started stripping it on Sunday. It will be raced naked at first and the only 'mods' will be removal of all excess weight and the fitting of some sticky tyres, a fork brace, a 2 into 1 system (home made) and some blue spot R1 calipers. I am also looking at either a lithium battery or a battery eliminator. Just changing to lithium saves 2.5kgs.
    More later....

    Kobo :cool: