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Yamaha MT07 HO

Average User Rating:
  • Got this last week! clocked about 200KMs already. No feeling like riding a motorcycle!!!
    Lots of low end torque, comfortable.

    She looks soo beautiful, no wonder my wife disapproves :p MT0703. MT0704.
  • 689cc 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke
  • None yet.
    But plan on adding the below:
    Frame Sliders
    Front fork sliders
    Rear axle spindle slider
    Radiator Guard
    Bar end sliders
    LED blinkers
    Tail Tidy
    Shorty adjustable levers

    All of this should be completed by end of September :)
  • WHP:
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Recent User Reviews

  1. tempocyclist
    "Mean! :-)"
    Loving it! I looked hard at one of these and oggled over the new ones in the showroom. Would have snapped up a second hand one for sure if one had come up when I was in the market earlier this year!