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Yamaha Bolt R-spec

  • About a year old, this little bike has been my trial cruiser.

    I'm a large man, but not very tall ... and had only rode Naked style bikes previous, I wanted to try a small cruiser that was pretty cheap and I could mod myself. Plus a fair few blokes at work rode cruisers, and they looked comfortable. So the Bolt was the right answer for me.

    I like how the Bolt keeps it's colour tones quite dull, on a bobber style bike.
    A few quick mods, slip on exhaust and fork gaiters for start (minimum, the stock exhaust looks like a huge cigar to me) and my Bolt was starting to take the shape I wanted it to be.

    So I rode down to Mexico (ok Melbourne, I can make fun if it, I was born there). I was surprised how good the handling was through some twistys whilst going over Mt Hotham, then over the Bright Gap toward the Kiewa Valley. The long sweeping corners were the best, for me anyway (I'm a pretty poor rider, so I go pretty slow).

    Once I was back in Sydney, I continued a few more mods, rear fender eliminator, air filter & fuelpak, a little exhaust wrap plus a spring bobber style seat and my Bolt is now perfect (to my personal taste).

    This bike has confirmed that my body is more tuned to fit on cruisers and an upgrade (looking at the Victory Gunner) is on the cards in a year or 2 (after a pay rise).

    Oh the Bonne is still here under going a new make over too, but will never be sold ... plus the misses would stab.
  • V&H competitive exhaust.
    V&H V02 air filter.
    V&H Fuelpak.
    Spring bobber seat.
    Rear fender eliminator kit.
    Fork Gaiters.
    Exhaust wrap.
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