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  • I'm not sure where Harleys redheaded stepchild belongs, so I have put it in the cruiser section , because everyone see's Harleys like that don't they?
    I brought this 2010 model secondhand 2 years ago with 3500k's on it.Since then I have been throwing a bit of cash at it when I can afford it.
    In typical Harley fashion the exhaust and airfilter have been replaced , I went with a TorqueHammer exhaust and freespirits intake.
    One of the changes that really stands out for me is the orange tank and seat unit, love that orange, the black pieces are in storage.
    A headlight fairing from china.
    Some other not so noticeable mods are the evotech oil cooler guard, freespirits drive belt tensioner and some handgrips with chrome bits on them (a gift from my son, he reckons every Harley needs abit of chrome).
    Fitted rear suspension riser blocks which lifted the back up about 2 inches, makes it more fun in the cornors.
    Gave it some more legs with a 30t front drive pulley and 66t rear.
    And finally I use the powervision tuning module with the wideband kit to tune in canned maps I get off a guy in the Netherlands who designed the exhaust.
    O'yeah I just purchased a secondhand corbin rear seat eliminator, which should arrive from the states in the next few days.
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