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  • Not sure of what I'm doing here or where to put this, harleys redheaded step child doesn't really fit in anywhere. :)
    Anyway... Its a 2010 HarleyDavidson XR1200X, mods include- TorqueHammer exhaust, Freespirits Air intake and drive belt tensioner, powervision with wideband autotuner kit, screamineagle clutch spring, orange tank cover and seat unit, evotech oilcooler guard, 30t front pulley and 66t rear pulley, rear shocky riser blocks, and a little headlight fairing from china. Picked it up 2 years ago 2nd hand in stock trim with 3500k's on it, i've added about 20000k's so far. Fun bike to ride, i love it
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