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XJR1300 Custom

Average User Rating:
  • This bike is my daily commuter, so even though it's customised it still had to be able to accommodate a pillion and keep a working seat lock for storage of tools and small items.

    20160716_143649 (1280x817). 20160716_143716 (1280x913). 20160716_143750 (1280x1100). 20160716_143926 (1280x879). 20160716_150038 (1280x720).
  • 1250cc of pure testosterone & compensation ;)
  • the stickers add 5+hp :p

    - Bullet Fairing
    - Radguard black
    - Bolt black "short" rear view mirrors
    - Akrapovic Slip-on
    - Aftermarket levers and bar-ends
    - Led indicators
    - Aftermarket tubeless laced wheels with Pirelli Angel GT
    - Fork gaitors
    - Shortened sub-frame & custom tail-light
    - European model XJR cafe-style seat
    - Puig rear tyre hugger
    - Custom side panels & air-box covers
    - Red LED down-light for added visibility at night
    - Custom Aluminium fender

    Planned mods:

    - Power commander + tune
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Recent User Reviews

  1. inztigator
    Rims look a treat!
    Grumps likes this.
  2. Ghost chips
    "Ahhh she's beautiful"
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  3. BitSar
    "Love everything about it"
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  4. Hunts
    Gutsy mods, the rims are best. Suggest red spark plug leads. I would love to see how it looks without the front fairing. The Yamaha 'tuning forks' would have also looked cool over the Number 1 on the tank. GREAT job Yo Yo.
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  5. Starsky
    Looks like an absolute beast!
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