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VFR-750 Respray

Average User Rating:
  • My 1995 VFR had had two indifferent repaints when I bought it in April 2012.
    After gongrider had my old Hornet repainted by James at Zion Bikes in St Mary's I decided I would save up and treat my VFR to a quality paint job too.
    I dropped the tank and panels off with him a month ago, on the understanding that he would not get to the job for two weeks. In the mean time I ordered and delivered to him some replica decals from www.honda-decals.com, in Malta no less.
    While it was 'naked' I washed, polished and scrubbed everything that is normally hidden, and cleaned the wheels and all the normal stuff you do.
    So it's back together again now, and to say I'm pleased would be an understatement.
    Someone on Netrider said that James had his bike for months; I don't know the circumstances of that, but I got my stuff back in a couple of weeks, and it stands even the closest of scrutiny.
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