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V Star 650 Classic

Average User Rating:
  • I Bought his bike in September 2012, the man I bought it off had bought it brand new in 2008 for &12,500. In the 4 years he had it he didn't even put 5,500kms on it, and I bought it for $7,000 which I think is a fantastic deal. Everything was stock and nothing had been added to it. I hadn't even test ridden one of these bikes before I bought it, but it worked out perfectly for me, I loved it to bits!

    I rode it home from Point Cook to Geelong, my very first ride on this kind of bike, and it was a hell ride! VERY strong wind on the highway, enough that smaller cars were fighting to keep on the road, so imagine me! Then it rained, and the light disappeared, but the bike proved it could handle whatever was thrown at it, and despite me shitting myself the whole way home I loved the bike, and I remember looking at it in disbelief when I got it home, I had never owned anything that nice before I and felt like I was dreaming.

    Riding the bike was a dream too, soft, smooth, and surprisingly nimble for its weight. I've found it very easy to manoeuvre while riding, but this can sometimes be a different story when it's stationary and needs to be moved, however, this more than likely has more to do with the fact that I'm a 5ft1 woman. Yep, someone as little as me can in fact tame this beast!

    I once got the bike stuck in a small parking lot when I was attempting to leave, the front wheel went into the dip next to the gutter and I couldn't move it back sitting on the bike. For those who have had this happen you know how embarrassing this is! I managed to get myself out of this stupid position by pushing the bike backwards by grabbing the handlebars and leaning into the front of the bike. I had the sidestand down and made sure the bike was leaning more to that side so that if it went over it wasn't going to bloody drop right over! I felt pretty good about getting it out of that position on my own, the thing's wet weight is nearly 250kg.

    I sold it almost a year to the day that I bought it with 16,219km, I put 10,781km on it.

    Changes made:

    Engine Guards
    Leather studded tank panel
    Starbar handlebars
    Flamed grips
    Saddlebags and supports
    Vance and Hines Short Shot exhaust